The Blood Moon

When the winter winds blow from the tops of the Balinok mountains, villagers of Barovia claim that you can hear anguished cries drift down from Castle Ravenloft. The Zarovich family is cursed, they say, and Strahd, their lord, is a recluse in his ancestral home, rarely ever seen in the village he commands.
– From the Journal of Donovich

The heroes rest

Eavesdrop on tall, well-dressed man talking to barkeep

black robes, well dressed, tall

Inquiries on woman who’s normally in the bar drinking

Milo goes and tells everyone, then Mhardaveth and Milo go down to check, Mhardaveth is sure it’s Strahd but tries not to show his recognition

tells the party and decides to wait until morning


Ireena; Ismark’s the Lesser’s sister

Glenna (terrified woman)

Donovich (priest in town)

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