The Calling Mines

The heroes take the info gained in city and enter the Calling Mines. There they overhear worker say Reydrech is mining to pay the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Proceedinmg further down and heroes find some crazy bastard who gouged out his own eye and cut off his own hand mumbling something (what did he say? important now) about Vecna. S’Thiss mercilessly murders the guy and leaves body in a coal cart. Heroes go down further and find Ananayis Undead Bard sitting on a throne, mouth agape (the cause of the Calling we assume). Fight, kill bard, (and minions I think refresh Eric plz). Kaelis plays uber countersong and saves the day.

Tempus, S’Thiss, Talen and J’afrock step onto the Causeway of Fiends. Their purpose drives them forward; their intuition warns them back. Could the venture onto this God-forsaken Isle only to lose their souls as so many have before them? Or is it their destiny that what awaits them holds the answers they seek…

Author: Eric

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