The Casila Plot

The Undaunted (popularly known as the Hildes) teleported into a new warehouse after defeating Rasputin, hopefully breaking the hold of the Syndicate on Hildebrande. Although uncomfortable, they took respite there, trying to figure out where to bring the dragon skull. Falling into a familiar meditation, Idris entered the Dreamscape, hoping his Icon would provide guidance… After about an hour, he awoke with a plan: they would load the skull on an available cart, cover it, and take it to Itotia at the temple of Makkaria

idris has dream that the skull should be returned to temple of malaria in hildebrande

Merian (Max):

I’m sure Idris would know this as well.

  • like the map shows, the red does not currently live near the dragon empire and moving closer at all would alert the wards and the arch mage, probably leading to a huge confrontation.
    the black is not bound and roams, but spends most of its time near evil mountain monasteries or marshes for hunting.
  • As crazy as it sounds, the blue has official status in the dragon empire, being the ruler of drakkenhall, while seemingly ‘imprisoned’ by the city’s limtis, she rules there, allowing any kind of folk in and being citizens, including dragons and other monsters. The only thing keeping that place from total chaos is her authority.
  • although even the professors and our commanding officers would caution against visiting or getting stationed there
  • we were taught less about the green, since most people don’t officially know where it is. rumour has it that the elf queen has imprisoned it within the elven wood, but neither any of the 3 (or 5) nor her majesty have confirmed anything
  • It is also known that the lich king has taken the former ‘White’ and made it his own lich, seemingly making enemies out of the elf queen and the lich king
  • it is common knowledge to almost anyone that the wyrm opposes the 3
  • If the blue’s goal is really trying to move drakkenhall around, the damage she could cause is unimaginable especially considering all those under her rule in drakkenhall as well

The following information gets back to NIdalru about the hit put out on Casila Artalin:

  • Basically…the hit can be traced back to the Orc Lord. But it’s not an assassination hit, per se. She’s to be brought in alive. Of course, how long she’d stay that way…
  • As such, the Orc Lord’s most trusted hunter has been given the task. “Talek” is just a pseudonym used by an orc known as Master Throatcutter.
  • It’s a title, an honorific and the only name he answers to. Master Throatcutter’s an old, old orc. He’s been with the Orc Lord for a very long time. He forgets the years; it’s easier to reckon time in kills, in notches on his daggers, and by that method he’s up in the thousands. Master Throatcutter is not as fast as he once was, and his blood is thick and slow and cold compared to the savage fire of a young orc, but he knows more about killing up close than anyone else in the world. The biggest rumour regarding his prowess involves a time when the Priestess was nowhere to be seen and her closest acolytes stayed within the temple of Santa Cora…it was whispered that Master Throatcutter had shivved her to incapacitate her and thus stop her interference in one of the Orc Lord’s schemes. That could just be gossip, but the fact is, a not-inconsiderable number of people believe it…
Author: Turnerbuds