The Cauldron of Night

  1. Make Plans to visit the sea barons
  2. heroes fly around letting Ashreal do a Lore-type-spell to determine the terrain and whether or not it contains “a reasonable degree of evil” or something
  3. find a snake isle, snake cult or something, but decide to pass it up for a more powerful evil
  4. encounter with planetar Santanessteren who warns Callimar of meddling with the affairs of mortals, he says stuff like, “you won’t so someone has to”.
  5. learn of other powerful evil factions in the islands, then find the island with the cauldron on it
  6. creeping up the mouth of the cavern system, the heroes see that it is well guarded by a throng of guards
  7. Identifying the captain, Griften metamorphs into a guard, and attempts to convince the captain to move the troops to the other end of the guard so that J’afrock and Ashreal can sneak by. Unfortunately, the tell-tale characteristics of the psionic powers alerted the captain to a ruse, and it did not work
  8. fed up with the antics of a subtle psion, J’afrock boldly approaches the guards and demands entrance. apparently the guard was given instructions to allow the heroes through, and despite raising alarms in their minds, the heroes walked through unharmed
  9. shortly the sthiss and Shra’kt’lor clones bait heroes down the tunnels and into a portal, heroes give chase
  10. the heroes enter what they realize to be the Cauldron of night
  11. The Griften clone floats above an infinite chasm holding two flasks joined by a chain. Taunting the heroes that they were doomed to fulfil the completion of an age-old prophecy, Griften smashes together the flasks, releasing Pallistren and Tarnheim
  12. the demon & devil see Callimar and attack the heroes while the clones laugh mercilessly
  13. the realization that Callimar’s attempts to help the heroes has just ushered in the completion of the prophecy, he kinda’ loses it in the fight
  14. Palisten fights with xxx demon, Callimar feels overwhelmed by helping fulfill the prophecy, clones escape, demon destroyed, Palistren rendered unconscious, Herenkar throws the body into the Cauldron of night, heroes escape as the mines cave in upon themselves, releasing an incredible column of energy into the sky (as in Causeway of Fiends), heroes told to leave by captain of the guard, spend an evening outside a harbour city (rod of escape), then travel to the Citadel of Serenity to collect their thoughts.
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