The Cave of Depravity

the heroes…

Isak manages to dislodge one of the green dragon’s teeth from its lifeless head. After tossing the perverse dead dragon’s tooth to Tyrion, he notices a small pouch tied around its neck. Isak brings the attention of the pouch to his comrades. “I found something”, Isak informs them, as he uses his massive weapon (which is covered in multiple kinds of blood from his downed enemies of the night) to cut the pouch loose.

The pouch falls to the ground, and out rolls a small clear glass orb. The orb looks to be transparent, and about an inch in diameter.

Zero dextrously picks up the small orb with the pouch from where it came and places it back inside and manages not to make direct contact with it.

Zero: “I’ll take this back to Milo in R&D. Maybe they can tell us what this is. Or does anyone else wanna see it before I put it away for safekeeping?”

Kaelis: “Can I see that?”

Without a word, Zero tosses over the pouch with a flick of his wrist to Kaelis. The pouch lands squarely into the bard’s right hand making it easy to catch.

Kaelis removes the small orb from the pouch and inspects it eagerly.

Kaelis: “It’s magical, but I can’t quite make out what type. Perhaps we should pass this off to R&D.”

Zero: “I concur.”

Arndithas: “Good idea. Let’s get these girls to safety. They’ve been through a lot.”

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