The Chosen of Banaalikron

To visit the Causeway of Fiends, the heroes found themselves in enemy territory in the North end? of the Great Kingdom. Ruled by the religious leaders of a Banaalikron, they heroes were escorted to the Temple. Tempus, overwhelmed by the diametric evil to his own religion, faced for the first time the High Preist of Banaalikron, Grace Grenell A climactic battle ensued, where both priests took on the power of their deity; a rare opportunity for the gods themselves to continue their battle on the prime material as well as the heavens. Weakened from being on unholy ground, Tempus fell to Grenell’s assault, but S’Thiss wins fight (cone of cold?), then what? Weren’t there two other badasses? one foul and dirty bitch and another in a Blue? robe?

Author: Turnerbuds

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