The Clock and The Bridges

  • The heroes leave the pleasant black dragon’s lair with promise to return
  • Moving further down the winding staircase, they come to a thundering waterfall, pouring through a break in the staircase
    • the rocks are slick, there are no handholds, and no apparent way to cross
    • Legion ⊕ uses a Conflicted 5 with The Archmage ⊕ to see the arcane words carved above the walkway that temporarily stop the waterfall for a time
  • reaching again the crumbling castle, the heroes decide to continue onwards
  •  around another bend of the winding stair – see light up ahead
    • a huge machine with brass cogs below – massive gears slowly winding
    • little mechanical creatures tending to the clock and ensuring it runs properly
    • each tooth of each cog have runes that continue to change and weave together, presumably, a lock keeping these doors closed
      • cogs slowly turn, gears grinding out the years
    • Idris can tell what this was made for  – to prevent a catastrophic demonic outpouring
    • they were unable to stop the outbreak but were able to contain something…  behind the doors
    • Whatever is contained herein… might even be a threat to The Stone Thief itself
  • the broken pieces of machinery look like scrap parts from the creatures themselves – legion posits that those that cross this way may have had to kill some of the creatures when climbing across since the robots may have attacked, thinking those that cross meant the machine harm
  • Nidalru then, paying close attention, notices that the little machines must respond to a command and carry treasure across


Idris and Merian start to chant an old tune… and the Prayer wheels respond… almost as if it was a kind of command… by powering down.

Staring at the mechanical carnage left over, it occurs to the heroes that they may have done something wrong… destroying the ‘keepers’ or ‘custodians’ of the clock…

  • Legion tries to re-assemble one of them using the Mending spell, but is unsuccessful – too intricate for a simple use
  • Legion takes enough pieces from one of the Stalwart Clockworkers to re-assemble it, perhaps there will be time if we have rest later
  • descending further down, the stair turns now and spans out into three identical stone bridges – sheathed in darkness
  • Since no one seemed to care, Legion grows frustrated and walks across the middle bridge


you lose a chakra starting with glove then cloak then helm then enck
for every chakra you lose, it inflicets +1d12 you hit




Author: Turnerbuds