The Cloud Giants

The Cloud Giant’s Floating Fortress

The Undaunted head out into the nearby wilderness to use the magical flare to hopefully summon the Cloud Giant mercenaries

  • interconnected stuff of cloud
  • takes a long time to climb
  • you see 4 huge cloud giants – air elementals & silver dragons
  • giant invites us to refresh ourselves, his voice booming from across the cloud islands
  • Cloud giant asks what the job is that we can negotiate for
  • Nidalru says what we’re looking for, and the giant suggests he might not have it, but what would it be worth
  • The giant asks in more than one way what we can offer to have him give up such an item, but the heroes are at a loss
  • legion suggests that we can retrieve for them something lost to the ages from within the belly of the stone thief, and this piques their interest
  • they suggest they want the hoard of the Great Gold Wyrm
  • Idris reacts poorly to this and would not agree (and Merian should have been more reluctant)
  • The giant goes on to offer that they have already made a deal for the eye
  • the deal is with the 3 – that they will offer over a large part of the overworld
  • Nidalru suggests that the giants are being taken advantage of by the dragons and that they won’t live up to the deal
  • Giants take (quite understandably) offense and move to engage


  • heroes badly injured – Thane almost killed – he seems to relent
  • the ones who want the eye promised the giants a great deal, but now he’s reconsidering
  • The heroes and the giants pause, each considering what they can get from each other….


Author: Turnerbuds