The Colour of One’s Character

  • The heroes are welcome in the above-city of Forge until the dwarven mages can give them more accurate information on where to start their search for Stonecutter
  • meanwhile, Puki inquires about the history of the prisoners they discovered in the Dwarven Vault – frozen in stone for all eternity:
    • THEOBALD THE TRAITOR: Theobald was a dwarven general who betrayed his people to the orcs. He cannot help the characters with their present plight, but claims to know a secret passage into the heart of Forge that bypasses all the dwarf city’s defenses—many would pay dearly for such a secret!
    • PRINCESS SHATTER: A member of the dwarven royal family who led a rebellion against her kinfolk, Shatter still has many followers in the underworld. Centuries have passed since her last attempt, but the current Dwarf King is weaker than his ancestor, so Shatter has a greater chance of succeeding now.
    • DORFIN THE THIEF: A thief who dared to steal from the Dwarf King
    • HELA OF THE WALKING MOUNTAIN: Hela was a notorious dwarven sorceress in league with the Diabolist. she is an expert in arcane matters, including the lore of living dungeons in general and the Stone Thief in particular
  • Puki inquires further about Stonecutter
    • was used by the dwarf king when he was young
    • incredibly sharp
    • crafted by a mighty dwarf king of old, can cut through a mountain’s roots, the lies of the prince, even sever the bond between mother and child
    • it is said that the current dwarf king when merely a great dwarf hero used the axe to cut the relationship bond between someone very important and was so distraught that he stopped using it – and should not be repeated in the dwarf king’s presence

Our latest divination tell us that your quarry is somewhere in the northern colossus, not far from here, easily accessible by your ship.  It is butting against Moonwreck, famous for it’s presence of white dragons, and the frost range, famously populated by frost giants.

Also, relatively far away (but close enough) there has been some sort of weird, magical influx coming from the mountain of starport – some of the magics there seem to be interdimensional in nature – wondering whether it’s reached further.

Within the northern colossus, there is an old, abandoned outpost called Garzendahl, taken over by old enemies – who knows who controls it now?

They actually imply that it’s ok to say we are not going to do this, but that the ‘deal’ is off.

They say there was something else happening in the area, General Gul that had to be dealt with, looking to Nidalru – mentioning the alliance they have with the Elf Queen proved most useful, but they weren’t able to investigate further.

Legion arranges for 2x 2x CHampion Tier Potions

The heroes set out, using the directions given them

Nidalru creeps forward to scout the area but is viciously ambushed…



Legion uses a Conflicted 5 with The Archmage ⊕ to empower his Light spell to illuminate the entire cavern, showing the wizard assailant who was casting at us

  • 400g in gold and silver tower stacks
  • wizard carries a potion of spider climbing

The magic door

  • There are no runes Puki can see, but Legion actually tries enough words having studied for days in Forge

Dwarf skeletons and armour are scattered throughout… but it looks as though they were fighting something coming from deeper within, not from where the heroes are coming.  Foodstuffs, long-abandoned caches show how long it’s been

Travelling deeper into the stronghold, Puki can tell they are descending, and the air is getting warmer.  Eventually, you can hear a dull roar, and a glowing… it looks like lava falls.

A large stone archway… a steady stream of lava pours out of the wall.  It cascades down about 100 feet, many large figures… ogres…


The heroes continue on

Dwarven towers mostly copper and silver, but some gold

  • 12000cp
  • 5000sp
  • 300gold
  • weird glass globe contains glob of molten rock insides which changes shape (lava lamp)

in Urstol’s vault

  • 2 golden idols of giants nd sarve
  • 200gp
  • bowl of small garnets 150
  • 3 potions 2 epic tier healing 1 is fire resist
  • 2 +3 runes
  • Set of +3 armor of vigor (light armor)
    • each time you hit, you gain +15 temp hp
    • recharge 11
  • Stonecutter
    • Epic axe
    • recharge 16+ until the end of the battle, your crit range expands by 2
    • 1/level axe can cut anything
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