The Darkness Lifts

Just a few things I wanted to point out, given that lots of information has been revealed in the last few sessions and some people may have missed some things.

Cyrus had divulged information about the towers, so I wanted to rehash some of that before you guys made any final decisions for next session, so here is some summaries regarding Cyrus’ ramblings:

North Tower: He avoided it, and he described it as being “alive”. This is the second tallest tower, and you found one access point on the 3rd floor, but you know of another secret one on the 2nd floor. This is the tower with the red glow. He also described it as a place where Strahd used to bring his “brides”. It gave you the creeps. There does not seem to be access from the main floor, and there is also causeway access from the south tower.

South Tower: This is where he said the guest rooms were prepared for you. You’ve climbed this one up and down but haven’t opened all the doors. There wasn’t much to say about this one, and Cyrus only mentioned the guest rooms.

High Tower: The access point for this is the chapel, which both Carver and I think Mhardaveth may have seen. Cyrus told you the way DOWN is blocked by a wall, but more importantly, he told you that this is where he meets Strahd when summoned. Just felt I should highlight that since the group is headed in that direction. He didn’t reveal anything about its content, just that it used to lead to the crypts before the way down was sealed.

That is all – hope you enjoyed the last session.

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