The Dead Vaults

The heroes decide what to do next… the brewery is quiet now, but Bong feels the same uneasiness that Legion detected once Grayson and his minions had been dispensed with

They elect to go inquire with Rolo the Thin about the friend of his who he swears was one of the zombies involved in the attack yesterday. Says he was a friend of his named Coln, a human bricklayer who he’d known for years, trampled by a runaway horse just days ago. His family paid for his burial at the town crypts known as The Dead Vaults and Rolo even went to the funeral.
Rolo brings up the proximity of Eldolan to Horizon (where The Archmage resides)… and suggests that such ‘devious machinations’ are pretty brazen considering what might happen if they were found out…
Rolo brings heroes to Temple District where the Dead Vaults are located. Located under the Temple of the Priestess.

Warned that a group dedicated to The Crusader dark clerics arrived in town rumors rangers dedicated to the Orc Lord consorting with demons in the lands east of town… and these crusaders dark clerics have been flaunting their dark gods to the other clergy in the district trying to get people to convert over from the gods of light… there has been some conflict… with an order of paladins dedicated to The Great Gold Wyrm.

Arriving at the vaults, Idris announces their business and a small, middle-aged woman with graying blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. wearing formal robes of gods of light and The Priestess. She sniffs hard after she speaks… clearly not a woman who smiles often. She fixes the attendant a hard glance and he scurries off. Odessa Relantis… she maintains the Vaults.

She hates the Silvershields; considers them useless pieces of garbage to which Idris immediately agreed. Good for making sure people pay taxes, prevent littering, but if it’s magic-based; ignore them.

She also wishes wizards would know how to limit collateral damage (killing innocents) and asking for monetary retribution, is either slow or never arrives.

She reluctantly (worried they’ll look unprofessional) agrees to show records of registered/paid deceased.

Gave us the name Landon who did the rites… but suggested it may not have been done properly. They saw on a few of the crypt seals; they were broken maybe a week or so ago in the commons wing and maybe some odd stains on the stone floor. Thomas leads the heroes down to the common area and describes the steps of the ritual commonly performed to prevent The Lich King’s influence. he goes on to say that the Senetaph Dragons have additional rituals rules but they are seldom followed as they are perceived as unnecessary cult-like precautions.

As they approach the commons ritual area, a loud voice cracks the silence:

“Fools! You always thought you were so safe… that your priestess and your rituals would protect you! Well The One-Eyed Lord will have his day, and you and your kind will bow before us, well… not you… in your current form… now it’s your time to die..

From the edges of their vision, the heroes see the animated bodies of skeletons push out of the crypts around you and begin their slow walk towards you…


The threat is quelled, and Odessa returns to acknowledge that The Dead Vaults have been infiltrated by agents of The Lich King. She leads the heroes to Landon’s ‘cell’ (room):

a sheet of paper with lamplighter guild schedule for the last week
a small shelf of prayerbooks has a much darker tome: a discussion the power divine casters can accumulate by controlling the life force/animus of a deceased being… incriminating evidence to be sure
folded note in the back:
Your efforts are appreciated Landon, especially with our lord’s most recent request. His power grows stronger with every passing week. Although I realize your stock might be running low, my work is coming to a crucial point and I need more freshly dead bodies. Hopefully the attack will provide those. Seek out Paulos at the Dreammaster’s in the Commons for further instructions.

Mistress Odessa hands a small box to Idris in thanks for rooting out the traitor amongst us
2x potions of healing
1x small, stoppered vial containing “The Divine Tears of Halnir”
when you apply to a weapon as a standard action, makes that weapon deal holy damage until the end of the battle
a charm of negative energy resistance
a one-use item that will crumble afterward; small clay medallion with Priestess’ symbol on it; activate it with a quick action to gain resist negative energy 16+ for one battle or five minutes).
The heroes, exhausted, return to the lodgings offered by Therilsa Stormhand when they first arrived… for a well-deserved rest.

Author: Turnerbuds