The Drawbridge

session notes

“I made it Milo. I made it”

Milo opened his eyes, to see Yorword looking down on him like a relieved parent seeing their child come out of a coma.

“Thank you Yorword. Thank you” Milo replied gratefully.

As energy returned to Milo‘s depleted body, he thought, “Yorword cares for me”. Yorword‘s gesture of kindness brightened Milo‘s dampened spirits. He came back for me.

Although his battered body reminded him of what had just transpired just moments ago. Yorwords kindness was what seemed to help him forget about the pain momentarily. To forget about the danger.

Placing a hand to where the vampire had bit him, Milo could not recall a time where he had encountered such power, such speed, and such ferocity. Let alone one so evil and seemingly invincible.

His thoughts quickly went to Kethra. Is she safe? Milo looked over to the other end of the battered drawbridge, and could see her with both Carver and Mardaveth standing at her side. Still lying prone he turned to face the dark sky, and gave a sigh of relief. She is safe… but for how long? I would not wish this place on my worst enemy. The faces of citizens of Barovia ran through his mind. How they suffered needlessly. How more will suffer if we don’t do this, he thought… and Kethra.

Milo sat up suddenly, extending his right hand to Yorword saying, “We have to find those items pronto”.

Yorword replies, “Pronto?” You speak Vistani?!”Pronto?” You speak Vistani?! Milo helps himself up to his feet, and replies, “Bistani?! Iz spaneesh!”

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