The Dropship

Dropship stats:
Movement 90 ft
AC 20
Hp 300 (damage threshold 20)
Cargo 2 tons
Crew 1 (pilot)
Passengers 30
*dropship is the telepathic hub for the Tactical chains (wearers must be within 5km of the ship, in order for the telepathic link to work with other Tactical chains). Dropship can communicate telepathically with HQ; HQ can hear all telepathic communication within the 5km range of the dropship.

Tactical chain (neck item):
-grants telepathy up 1km with others wearing chains. *Wearer must also be within 5km of dropship in order to be connected to others wearing Tactical chains.
-wearer gains an advantage on all stealth checks.

The last dropship caught fire and burned to a crisp during the last R&D party…

Author: Turnerbuds

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