The Dwarven Vault

  • The heroes leave the library
  • looks like a jagged chunk of rock
  • Puki, now that he’s closer can definitely say that it’s a freestanding, underground structure, like a dungeon of a dungeon.  There’s a door halfway inside the hug lump of rock
  • Corridors inside are obviously dwarf rot – low ceilings and stone walls – a treasure hoard from the dwarf king, long ago
  • The treasury of forge, thieves and dragons, keep out
  • Nidalru looks it over, but it doesn’t seem to be a trap, just the weight of the block is what
  • the heroes decide it’s simply a matter of brute strength, so they try to move
  • everyone works together to move the stone, Legion summons his minions
  • They heroes enter a large chamber with statues everywhere
  • there was a dwarf king that could turn people to stone
    • if tha’ts the case, then these statues could be enemies of that dwarf king
  • The drow statue reads, the Lady Jade:
    • could be wrong, but lady jade was the one who released a nasty poison gas that decimated dwarves – a whole outpost of them – she’s supposed to be responsible for them – a bright green colour – like jade
  • Theobald looks like the very essence of a dwarven general – but Puki knew nought more
    • Puki remembers something about the general being in a mighty conflict with the general – something about him failing the dwarf king somehow… maybe failing in battle?
    • Something about him being in charge a and lot of dwarves falling under his command
  • Princess Shatter – something about her leading g a rebellion against her clan – can’t remember what the reason was, but the stories the author who mentioned her seemed sympathetic to her
  • The heroes decide to ignore freeing them for now and continue across the vast room
  • the shape of stone looms out of the darkness – a massive black dragon that comes to life to attack!



Puki suggested using Mage Hand to make the statue drink from the horn

It is both a treasury and a person – be careful about being led astray, also be careful not to allow greed to push you too far into becoming a prisoner here, yourself.

the heroes enter the next chamber, and see most of the jewellery seems tarnished

the center boulder is sitting on top of something… you can’t see much of it… possibly another trap door, but you can only see part of it.  it is lacking the rods – holes where they should be, but empty

the ground here is littered with jewellery and tarnished magic items

no rods anywhere – Legion sees a magical one on the ground, but resists the urge to


After the vampire side, a veil lifts in the room – all the tarnished items now reflect and look great – not the kind of discarded baubles, items of great value:

  • 4000 silver
  • 1000 gold
  • 30 gems
  • epic tier healing potion
  • 3 different items:
    • Forge Hot Shield
      • (recharge 6+): When an attacker misses you with an odd roll, you inflict 5 ongoing fire damage on that enemy (champion: 10 ongoing; epic: 15 ongoing).
      • Quirk: Always uncomfortably chilly, even in the hottest conditions.+
    • Ring of the Underking
      • (recharge 16+): You create a door in a rock wall or a short passageway through rock. Magical barriers or materials require a skill check for the ring to work.
      • Quirk: Needs to sleep on good honest dirt
    • Pale Mantle of Suffering
      • This cloak is usually pale white but becomes redder and darker as its power grows. You heal 2 hit points (champion: 4; epic: 10) whenever an enemy suffers ongoing damage caused by one of your attacks.
      • Rumours that certain Drow nobles wear pale mantles that are so blood-drenched they appear black as night are quite accurate.
      • Quirk: Delights in the suffering of others.

Gritting against the weight of the stone, the heroes are able to push it aside.  Nidalru sees a door, checks it for traps, and Legion opens it with Mage Hand

Descending, they find a well with myriad colours, surrounded by runes of warding.  Across, a heavy golden door bearing the mark of the dwarf king.  Legion descends to try and interpret the runes…

Each of the heroes has an idea of what is in the well – each increasingly convinced they are right

Idris ⊕ uses a Negative 5 with The Diabolist ⊕ to give Puki another save – success!

Nidalru can’t shake off the confusion and attacks Idris – missing

Legion ⊕ uses a Negative 5 with The Lich King ⊕ to transfer the confusion from Merian to the shade – fails

Merian attacks Nidalru

the well of desire – long ago a dwarf king abandoned his throne and went in search for a being

Puki was reminded of when derro were throwing coins at you, and with the memory you know how to open the golden dwarf door

long sloping upwards corridor – bringing the heroes to…

the hall of justice – seats for 3 judges dwarven

standing where condemned prisoners once stood – no other exits

Idris stands guard outside the library

The Curator shows up – DUH DUH DUH!

curator asked to be freed from the living dungeon with a ritual cast that would bring him to horizon – Legion agrees to get him on their side – Puki wisely resists and advises we not release the curator – who knows what havoc it would cause in horizon

Curator gets pissed and attacks – he broke off though





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