The Enemy of My Enemy…

Meet Ayyam’s brother Muli. Muli asks heroes to bring Ayyam into Mount of Mercy to be laid to rest, but traps them in crypt saying he was forced to. Orphans fight ghouls and more to find a way out.

It took some time for the orphans to believe what they were seeing. The woman who not three days ago thanked them for their efforts in a job well done was now lying, dead in front of them.

The crushing weight of responsibility came slamming down on their shoulders.

A young man, this moustache, black head covering with red band around his forehead, crying and going on about his poor sister. Ayyam.

Her body was already wrapped in a while linen shroud, you notice her hair perfumed, her body obviously scented as is customary.

The crying and wailing man walks up to the orphans, “And you… you are the people Khalid has brought to carry… my beloved Ayyam… to the Mount of Mercy?

Faruq looks around for someone who might stick out of the crowd, but everyone just looks very sad at the scene.

S: Yes we are, we are sorry for your loss, friend.
Muli: Thank you.

Muli leads heroes into a trap on the Mount of Mercy, sealing the door behind them, and issuing a pathetic apology saying something about being forced to do it.

The orphans face a band of ravenous ghouls, deprived of their preferred meal for too long, but with magic and steel they are able to survive without great incident. Trapped and forced to find their way out, the orphans brave moving deeper through the Mount of Mercy’s crypts and tombs, wary that more unfavourable may be around any corner.

Author: Turnerbuds

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