The Everlasting

In this Episode: Banni – Essafah – Sirhan min Hajama (Imam of Hajama) – Caliph’s retainer (cash, camels) – Fadiya al-Farid – Omar al-Farid
The heroes go to interrogate Essafah, and he refuses to admit or offer

Task Genies:
Oathbinder Genie (if they’re forced to break their oath, it summons the genie to kill them)
Slayer Genie
Wine Genie

Flame blade

imam of hajama is named Sirhan min Hajama
Fairly young guy (20 or so). Praises us in the name of his god for our efforts to save him during the attacks.
Not rich, but they probably deserve more

They visit the small shrine where the Imam is ‘stationed’

Beautiful Salam has a shrine already.

Before the time of the loregiver
THe youth named Hasan spread word of th
The line of Sujah
Hasan preached the word of Hajama
Heard rumours of unfaithful priests speaking lies. Those who speak false prophecies are not to be tolerated.
Better to be a live dog than a dead lion.
The Lion’s shrine was erected in teh middle of the desert as the group of the Everlasting’s home base.

2) mamluks have come from huzuz they say they’re in town with a string of new recruits from the hill people but their true goal is take control in the name of hte grand caliph
3) ride and flee on the wind to the Wadih on the the valley of oblivion
4) the caliph has been convinced to give up his station in favour of one of his favourite mamluks and will announce

Faruq thinks all of these to be truthful:
1) seems to be a drama queen mentions that a new and lavish mosque to Selan and their taxing the merchants
2) a plague has infected mamluks of palace guard and
3) Grandfather of the Everlasting is immortal and his schemes go on from one lifetime to another
The air Genasi merchant sells Wind fans, big and small

Roheen thinks both are true; the person saying them believe them to be true:
1) The everlasting evil servants shoot death from the sky
2) The HOly Slayers have become little more than brigands, reduced to assaulting caravans

Printz and Kal:
Find out that the best astrologer is Banni:
4-ft tall goblin purple robes red fez on top of his head. Very talkative, but refers to himself as “the silent sheik”
Kal senses that 3dinar might grease the wheels regarding illicit goings-on. He tips him, and Banni nods to indicate that they’re friends on a big secret: suggests that this should not be spoken about in the open marketplace; even in the bazaar. Banni goes on to suggest that Kal looks at the astrological charts, and Banni goes off to find ‘someone’ who might help.

A member of teh Everlasting assassinated Aziz and takes him down with 1 shot.
Faruq makes a sprint over and heals him, blasting the assassin back from a rooftop before he flies away on zephyr of wind

Banni leads Kal out and meets the rest, then leads the group away from the bazaar, through this zig-zag talking the whole time. They arrive at a tiny cofee house, he introduces them to a human pair waiting.

Gives Banni a couple of small coins and Banni departs.
OMar bin Mabruk
Fadiya al-Farid
The last of the house of the Phoenix

Agreement to go with the pair in the morning.
Roheen tries to barter (unsuccessfully)
Heroes go to Caliph to ask for Camels, saddlebags, 1000g, etc without telling the Caliph exactly what it’s for.


Author: Turnerbuds