The Fading Land of Barovia

Months passed, as Tanamier settled in the kingdom of Nyrond. Having approached King Archbold, Tanamier showed him proof of his clerical abilities, inspiring Archbold to have a temple to Parthen, Tanamier‘s god, built in the capital city of Rel Mord.

A letter from Baalshezidek, high potentate of the Necromancers of Skahlehn disrupted this peaceful time. It claimed that a lord of one of the so-called “fading lands”, another renegade necromancer, had been terrorizing a local family. Baalshezidek requested that the Scourge destroy this renegade on behalf of the innocent family… and because Pizentios had administered the deadly Exuulde Wine to Caelynn and Gorath, which could kill them with a command word even from afar.

Journeying to this faded land, The Scourge entered the land of Strahd Von Zarovich, Lord of Barovia and member in good standing of the Necromancers of Skahlehn, bringing with them Tamarina, the reincarnation of Tatyanna, Strahd‘s lost love. There, they met Tarax, a necromancer who used the dark magicks to hunt vampires, and he joined the group. Unfortunately for Strahd, it was revealed that Tempus was, in fact, a reincarnation of Sergei, Tatyanna’s husband. In a series of climactic battles throughout Strahd‘s castle and dungeons, the Scourge defeated the vampire lord, and Tempus and Tamarina had their identities revealed to themselves.

Unfortunately, Gorath perished in battle with a banshee, while Tarax was ironically turned into a vampire by Strahd himself.

Author: Eric