The Forest

  1. The heroes continue through the hobgoblin stronghold
  2. Someone bought slaves (paid 1000g) and the contract is signed by:
    • Murkelmor Grimmerzhul (he’s the one who bought the slaves)
  3. Lots of use for slaves outside the hall
  4. Day or 2 ago; the Dark Dwarves took Delfina
  5. The druegar know to come to the Chamber of Eyes for the trade
  6. The druegar worship Asmodeus
  1. The Winter Guard decides to allow Amelia to join them as they pursue the Bloodreavers; interested what they can learn of Solomon through her, but on the morn intended to meet her again; she was a no-show.
  2. Bennick the Wanderer said that there was a civilization here before the Mages came to reside here.
  3. Torog “The God that Crawls”… the Far Realm.
  4. The Chamber of Eyes was supposedly a chamber where worshippers of the god that crawls
  5. Terrlen is an explorer who knows the area around the 7-pillared Hall better than anyone; and it was suggested he could help the heroes find the Chamber of Eyes. He’s a bit jumpy, high-strung, nerve-wracking. Some tragedy befell him; perhaps having to do with former adventuring companions.
  6. Vadriar perked up with some interest at the prospect of our going into the Chamber of Eyes (crazy, can’t remember)
  7. Gendar (cool, calm) introduces himself as the most successful tradesperson in the 7-pillared hall. Outrageously gay and loves talking about himself.
  8. Apparently Solomon has been out of the trading
  9. Gendar said there’s a Duergar that has something that belongs to one of Gendar’s clients. An ancient sceptre with the head of a skull on it.
  10. Dreskin:
  11. Charrak the Kobold enters the inn as
    • “Hey! I am so sorry I couldn’t make it! Ran into some trouble and tracking down a lead regarding our mutual friend… would you be interested in finding out what I know? Of course you would! See? Look at what a great addition I would be in the party! Can’t wait to tell you everything! Hugs! –Amelia
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