The Gardmore Council Meeting

Padraig arrives in Gardmore and calls a meeting for the Winter Guard, and many of the other individuals who have come to the beacon Gardmore has become for northen Nyrond.

‘Gifts’ from Nyrond

A small steel box, polished to a mirror-like finish is brought forward to Garrick. On the lid is carved the circling form of the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut. Inside: Ring of the Crimson Sun

Mordekai is presented with a long, wooden box that he immediately recognizes as ancient oak from the heart of the Gamboge. Inside: Ring of Giants

Odus is handed a red, velvet bag tied with a golden string. The familiar smell of incense used in the Temple of Rao accompanies it; used recently in teh temple. Inside: Spark Slippers

To Izera, a short chest is brought forward. The box is simple wood, but the hinges and latches catch her eye; they are finely hammered ethereal steel; forged by only the finest Githzerai smiths in their Astral Forges. A treasure on its own! Folded Neatly Inside: Sneak’s Cloak +3

Isak, gazing in wonder at these fine gifts, looks last to a man-sized box laying near the chest. Myariken’s aid gestures towards it with a nod, and then steps back to allow Isak to lift the lid. Inside: Trollskin Armor +3

Author: Turnerbuds