The Gull Cliffs

  • The heroes continue on to the town of Roland (by the shores of ___ sea) and meet (The Five?)
  • They are propositioned to help (The Nine?) defeat a lich and its defenses that has been plaguing them for some time
  • Deciding on a time and place, the heroes reluctantly agree, only concerned with getting permission to enter the Gull Cliffs (which are off-limits for some reason).
  • Confronting the evil lich, (The Nine?) betray the heroes and try to kill them as soon as the lich and its two Stone Golem guards fall
  • The heroes are able to defeat (The Nine?) and then continue on the Gull Cliffs.
  • Discovering a cliffside community, they decide to proceed deeper into the cliffs
  • Meeting an insane worshipper of Vecna wannabe, they continue further
    • Joe wasn’t here for this session
  • Azier foolishly touches a magical dimensional warp effect and has his mind scrambled, going crazy
  • The heroes have a confrontation with (aboleth?) here, and Khaal Wraath is (lost? how?)
  • J’afrock and Tiemel try to save Khaal Wraath, but fail/give up
  • Heroes leave dragging Azier (and/or) Crysus with them.
  • S’Thiss teleports everyone back to Blazebane to recover and see if Tanamier can heal Crysus.
Author: Eric