The Gull Cliffs


  • The heroes continue on to the town of Roland (by the shores of xxx sea) and meet The Five.
  • They are propositioned to help the Nine? in defeating some badass that has been hosing them for a while.
  • They tell us a time and place, and we reluctantly agree, only concerned with getting permission to enter the Gull Cliffs (which are off-limits for some reason).
  • Confront the badass (hosing him a bit) and The Nine try to backstab us and kill our asses once we downed the lich (who had to stone golems btw).
  • We hose The Nine and then continue on the Gull Cliffs.
  • Discover the cliffside community and proceed deeper in.
  • Meet crazy Vecna wannabe, continue in, (Joe wasn’t here for much of this)…
  • Azier touches some dimensional warp thing and goes fucking crazy.
  • Confrontation with Aboleth here where Khaal Wraath is lost?
  • J’afrock and Tiemel try to save Khaal Wraath.
  • Heroes leave dragging Azier/Crysis with them.
  • S’Thiss TPs them back to Blazebane to recover and see if Tanamier can heal Crysus.
Author: Turnerbuds