The History of Kethra

Kethra was born to a noble elf wizard. Her mother won’t really speak about who her father was, but Kethra is convinced her father was a shapechanged gold dragon, a theory that seems validated by the faint golden scales that have appeared on parts of her body…

…though she mentions to no one that, in some lighting, the scales seem red.

Put into the wizarding school in Elvendaar, one of the cities of the elf nation of Celene, Kethra did not do well. Magic was something she felt, not something to learn, she said. While capable of feats the other students were not, it was clear she was not going to pass her first-year exams. Leaving before that inevitable fact (her ego would not be able to take it), she decided to ‘rough it’ as a spell-for-hire, eventually meeting the other heroes.

Author: Eric