The Ice Priestess

Seeking to recover from their wounds sustained in battle with the vampire lord, the Scourge heard word of a barbarian priestess from the lands of the Ice Barbarians far to the north who could heal injuries and even restore life to the dead. The Scourge investigated, and began negotiations with the wildly chaotic barbarians. However, the chief advisor to King Lolgoff, Jaamestraw the water elementalist and agent of the Scarlet Brotherhood, framed the heroes for a murder. Proving their innocence, the Scourge defeated Jaamestraw and Icefang, his dragon ally.

Confronting King Lolgoff about his priestess Inkaneesta and the true nature of her powers, Lolgoff reluctantly let them go. Tanamier promised he would train Inkaneesta in the usage of her gifts. Inkaneesta‘s first act in this role was to cure S’Thiss‘ madness that he had been suffering from since his brief imprisonment in the Nine Hells. A new recruit was also made; the druid/psion Ventrius was apprenticed to Brother Griften under orders of the Grand Master of Flowers.

Author: Eric