The Meeting

Every story has a beginning… and this time, it is no different.

The story begins with a scene in a tavern. This tavern is no different from most, except on this night, it plays host to a gathering unlike any other in the Flanaess. This night will be one that will be remembered by Velnuans for decades.

  1. Torinn walks into Inn from the cold outside
  2. Walks up to bar without saying anything and barkeep asks him if he wants a drink
  3. says no, then barkeep asks what he’s there for, and he replies, “I received a letter.”
  4. Barkeep quickly mentions by the look of you, probably here to solve our trouble
  5. Torinn replies “what trouble”, and the barkeep looks surprised. Even though he tries to give more to drink, Torinn refuses again
  6. From the distance, a figure cloaked in shadow watches intently the exchange. Near the tall fireplace of the tavern one of the most notable figures, tall and stoic even seated is a finely garbed man speaking with a man of plain and nondescript dress. This figure turns to watch the exchange Torinn is having with barkeep but does not end his conversation with the commoner.

He notes that:

  • 50 years ago, settlers ancient secure crypts hallowed graveyard
  • Maracress is the headwoman/mayor (she worships Rao)
  • Riyan Reesagosen disappeared
  • Laren attacked by zombies
  • 2 days family disappeared
  • Abducted (Kyla Taal, Varen, Lyse (kid) and Holt (father). Holt Taal is another member that Aamraq sent a letter to
  • Maracress comes to explain to heroes that they’re being plagued by undead and she needs heroes to empty the crypt
  • Offers to pay gold and take care of all expenses, to which heroes agree
  • Varis says they’ll discuss, and she said come see her when we decide.

Once she leaves, a boy named Max offers to shwo teh heroes the direction of the graveyard. Rather than wait, the heroes decide to go immediately to the Crypts to see what’s going on.

On the way, we stop at a small farmstead where Laren (who was attacked by zombies) lives. He describes having seen a zombies face in teh dirt, and when he ran, dogs caught him and bit his leg (bandaged).

Torinn looks at leg (heal check) and sees that it’s not bandaged properly. He offers to re-bandage it and cuts off diseased flesh with his clawed finger. Despite the pain, Laren thanks Torinn for his attentions.

The heroes turn to the GY and see three large crypts at the other end.

Varis scouts around the entire graveyard, but sees nothing of consequence and returns to the heroes prompty at the gate.

Torinn , tired of no action strides forward. The heroes accompny him, and almost as if stepping into the GY signals the undead to their presence, a Skeleton and 3 dogs appear.

Varis: 1 shot killed skeleton

Aamraq: blasts mantle of infidel hoses hound

Hounds: 3 attack aamraq but resists from necrotic

Torin: Spinning sweep hit & prone dog

Varis hit

Aamraq: rebuke and HOSES all dogs; very successful; and pushed them away

hounsd attack torin and cut into him

Varis shoots 1 dog

Aaamraq uses execration and kills another

Torin hits sure strike

Varis twin strike and finishes a dog

The heroes then hear a scream from the three crypts

aamraq recognizes arcane sigils broken on crypt but knows they’re religious in origin but NOT a good religion!

Torin rips open the huge stone door from where they heard screaming

Pitch black in crypt but a ghostly arm extends and drains Torinn for 15 damage!

Skeleton rushes forth and stabs Torinn

Aamraq turns the undead, pushes them away & slides Torinn back a stp adjacent to VVaris

Varis shoots skeleton

visions of blood kills banshee-thing

Varis finishes skeleton

screaming coming from ditch

“lise and kyla” my husband and varen still missing

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