The Mystery on Stoneroost

You arrived next to your skyship (name of the ship again?). Even from this distance, you could see the devastation wreaked upon Hildebrande. There were perhaps a handful of structures left, not much else. While there were items of power within, there really wasn’t the natural sort of target the Stone Thief typically went after.

No, this was personal.

Surveying the wreckage, there were some grisly sights: Leftover remains from ghoul attacks. Buildings having collapsed on villagers. The sheer carnage of it all was heartbreaking. There were no survivors, at least none that stayed behind here.

You flew to Eldolan. The proximity to Hildebrande was such that most citizens knew something had happened to your city and sent scouts…but it was only your arrival that confirmed it was an attack by the Stone Thief. You quickly found Michael and Kindra, with Nidalru instructing them on what to look for to locate the buried location. Michael set about to organize an expedition to the site; several of the dwarf geomancers who lived under Hildebrande had runes of warning about underground attacks and managed to flee and were now the first to volunteer.

Michael also informed Nidalru that the imperial dragon riders sent to deal with the barbarians of Stoneroost returned, reporting that all had gone well.

Unfortunately, there is no sign of the prisoners from the fighting arena in Deep Keep that were given safe passage by Greyface.

Idris uses a Positive 6 with The Great Gold Wyrm ⊕ to contact Ursel through the Dreamscape to find out where she is.  Idris is walking through Hildebrande, ppl on streets are waving at him, Itotia smiles and saves, and the mayor warmly pats him on the shoulder, stop in at Condons, get a drink, pass by the brothel, meeting everyone… then it gets weird, turn down an alleyway, there are shadow thieves there, looking more humanoid, they tip their caps, you see Rasputin in the distance, he seems to greet Idris, and you acknowledge him back, and you get to the secret base of the Golden kNight,s and Ursel isn’t anywhere to be found, but then you get to her office, and she’s there (why didn’t you come here first?) she has a golden cloak, and the hood is drawn, you call her name, she puts up a finger to suggest wait a second.  She stops writing, and but she doesn’t reply to you calling her name.  Trying to spin her around, it’s the hag Pheig, and she screams at you, and she claws your eyes out, and you wake up, and you realized you’re in your chambers in Hildebrande, you’re thinking it’s so strange, and you should tell Ursel about this, you go to her office to tell her, and everything seems sticky… and things are translucent… and omg… it’s ectoplasm, and you look up, and you see the people that you freed from the arena in deep keep, and each one has a cult assassin behind them with a dagger at their throats.  One of the secret masters steps forward, and crushed Idris‘ chest, and you know he wants you to stop and desist all your efforts to stop the stone thief, and then you REALLY wake up.

  • the heroes board cloudswimmer and set off in search of Stoneroost
  • they arrive and the barbarians greet the heroes, but they are rigid, subdued and ‘off’
  • this emperor doesn’t seem to work in such a way so as to ‘subdue’ the barbarians – the archmage of what we’ve ‘heard’ is very preoccupied, and has been known to snap his fingers making problems go away in the name of practicality
  • this was a joint force between Axis & Drakenhall –
  • Michael had said the imperial dragonriders had returned and said everything was fine
  • Idris starts to explore to see if the thickness is localized, and it clearly continues to where we buried stuff but cuts off after that
  • certain now that the behaviour of the barbarians is magically influenced, Legion suggests Puki and he takes Koruk aside to try and wash the dweomer off her
  • Puki leads her into the supply tent, and with 2 of her guards…


  • Koruk kisses Legion hard and says you have my tanks
  • She kneels to Puki and says there was dark magic here
  • she has forbidden any of her tribe to go near it, said to be cursed… haunted maybe
  • the source was the dark fortress –
  • legion suggests to Puki that he ask Koruk why she seemed so interested in the items we held
  • she said it’s difficult to gather her thoughts – she knows she would have committed violence against us and brought the items to the ruins
  • P: So you don’t know why, or what its intent was
  • K: No… tears of frustration

The heroes decide to set out to the dark fortress, to see what the source of the dark magic is

  • it’s possible that Legion gave her some immunity, but because the aura was still palpable, it’s also possible she’ll fall under the spell again
  • approaching, it’s not a full castle


Legion inspects the Sorcerer

  • certain he is a powerful destructor, but not mind-controlling a bunch of barbarians
  • maybe Legion is wrong, but at first blush, I don’t think he’s enacting the kind of mind-control magic that I could barely undo on the barbarian queen
  • puki finds a panic room – nothing
  • Legion uses a Conflicted 6 with The Archmage ⊕ and is sure now that the image he saw was planted to draw us here to be destroyed by the sorcerer… a decoy!


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