The Oasis

Diliram – lover Namared – the Genie’s barden

Shafazal – she carried anciend and powerful genie prison

Namared trapped within device, didiram invisible and flew away

commanded namared to take her back to her home

the sha’ir has powerful minions to protect her

Faruq has heard the name Shafazal before who used to work with Adnan al-Raqi Master of the Invisible, the whisper that thunders. Perhaps she was the former apprentice of Adnan al-Raqi

Diliran and Namared

creates a tent large enough to hold all of you, conjures cool water and delicious foods

Steal back the astrolab

guide: wisdom & survival (Roheen)
scout: setting up camp, opening new trails – stealth & investigate (Faruq with Printz helping)
hunter: food in the wild, water, survival (Kal)
lookout: keeping watch – perception (Azizullah)

10 pearls 100gp each
… Philter of Love – Roheen
… scroll of protection from fire – Printz
… brooch of shielding – Printz

giant: 50gp

… Astrolab
… Jellaba of Scintillating colours – Printz
… Wand of the war mage +1 – azizullah

on the desk
All the documents are all about having the correct rituals to summon and master an ARchitect Task Genie

Namerad nods sagely, “Yes she had wanted to build herself a giant tower in this oasis to claim it as her own”

She thought to bribe him with the money in the chest, and that my presence would sway the task genie further

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