The Overworld

The Dead God

The heroes, covering their eyes…

is this a metaphor made solid?  Are there internal organs?

Legion gets a bit of pressure in his chest – slip a little bit… oh god the mouth is closing… she’s going to bite me… there’ something eerie about the whole thing.
The rock we’re walking on is hard, and warm

The walls themselves are even glowing a little bit… we can’t see more than 30ft or so in front, but definitely, enough to see by

As the heroes ‘descend’, it gets a bit warmer… not like a fire… this is like an oven burner… just painful… it’s sudden but a little uncomfortable.

Every now and then it seems like we see a mote of light… swirling through the ‘veins’ of the petrified god… like electricity going through a wire… these motes have long tails though… and it looks distinctly like they’re ‘slithering’.

After a short time, the heroes arrive at what can only be the source of the god’s death… a huge hole… a dim green light… looks exactly like a comet that was streaking through the sky… and must have struck the god directly in it’s abdomen


  • As the nagas collapse from their ancient vigil, a burst of green light explodes outward from the wound in the middle of the chest of the dead god – emerging from its center, a ravenous figure not unlike the massive stone body


  • Idris – throws off becoming a statue by: the golden light of his god started washing over him, and as the shield exploded, the stone wrapping itself around his legs shattered and fell to the ground
  • Nidalru – throws off becoming a statue by: felt the ossification coming over her goes, and with her cat-like reflexes, was able to spring out of the grasp of the stone-line tendrils
  • Merian – throws off becoming a statue by: as the effect was taking hold over her – she sent a prayer out to receive the protection of the wyrm and what came over her eyes, like a gold filter – diluting the effect just long enough to be able to fight it off… the willpower boost of the soldiers of the GGW!

The glowing green is still there… Legion peers in and takes a look… a lump of meteoric ore lies still, but glowing clearly in the hole left by the meteor

Nidalru uses the powerful magic still washing over him to teleport the group away from this place –

sucked into wind tunnel – whisks us away

Brought us to the entrance where we fought the empyrean dragon

they’re wearing medallions with the emblem of the archmage

wards and stuff that limit their lives unless they work with the archmage

a bit odd that those that live in the overworld have had their destinies ‘controlled’ by the Archmage… odd that they are

The giant asks who will captain the ship – Legion says he was reading the book

While the giant shows Legion how to pilot the ship

Idris seems to remember part of his dream when waiting for the cloud giants – he knows where Zephalarius’ lair is – on a secluded mountaintop

Puki‘s dream – doors shut, little mouths but with sharp teeth start to appear on the doorknob you’re trying to turn – running, the mouths coalesce into a big maw that bites you

dodging razor blades and acid pits – find yourself in the area with the minotaur – faded blade still stuck in its chest – it starts chasing too

running running – fall – boom – in eldolan – look up and see the mission run by whiterose – you see Casila but she’s surprised to see you and she smiles, she starts to walk to you, but a huge shadow looms over her – it leans in on her and she screams… then you wake up.

Legion starts to pilot Veil Piercer but encounters some obstacles trying to fly this amazing machine

  • Legion is having trouble navigating through those clouds – success!
  • Moisture starts to form ice – and through banking and weaving quickly – able to shake off the ice – success!
  • The crosswinds threaten to tip the ship over, but Legion uses a feature the cloud giants built in to help lowlanders secure themselves on deck, legoin flips a ship
  • meteors start to cross the bow even some pass through the ship

lands safely and welcomed by a Couatyl but this one’s different – golden scales instead of the prismatic

makes a swirling gesture in the sky

Idris understands we are to follow it

Idris rallies his group and we follow the couatyl as it leads us

The path is a bit treacherous – still in the overworld – skill checks to stay on the path – is it cloudy up here?  foggy?  one or the other… I’m sure…  As we approach the cave… no… that’s smoke

A Hags Warning
At-Will ♦ Standard Action

One moment you are approaching the large gold dragon in its lair…and then you are…elsewhere. Surrounded by fog, walking on soft, wet ground. As you wander through the mists trying to get your bearings, a powerful voice echoes in your heads. Have a care, my mortal allies, sounds the voice of the hag, Pheig. By choosing to use the Dreamscape, you have chosen to use the paths well trodden by the Secret Masters. You are now caught in the dragon`s nightmares, a trap of their own design. Quite ingenious, really… Fortunately, you are allied with a hag, and we have walked the Dreamscape for far longer than any mortal. The trap works as follows: All enemies you encounter will act as though YOU are the dragon. These enemies are fierce indeed; the cult is using the dragon`s memories of its most vicious battles. You cannot technically die in these dreams, but your minds will be so ravaged by the experience that your bodies will become husks suitable only for one such as the Flesh Tailor. Do not wander far off! If you leave the area that the dragon remembers, you will wander the Dreamscape aimlessley until I find you, of which I make no promises!

You swoop in and land on a field of broken rock, steam venting up from below in a series of wide cracks off to your left. On the far side of the rocky plain, a rider comes into view followed by a troop of large humanoids. The rider is an ogre, a mage knight you realize, and her mount is a mighty lamassu from the overworld, though this one has obviously fallen from the look of it and its poor hygiene. The troop on their heels are large, axe-wielding minotaurs. The ogre salutes you as it and the lamassu prepare to charge.


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