The Pit of Undigested Ages

  • The heroes gird themselves as the undead fade into the room
  • we find on Maeglor:
    • holy symbol (cult of the devourer)
    • little book (ritual book) – this is what he would have used if we had agreed to the ritual
      • legion is professionally curious if I had let him do the ritual but blocked the soul-effecting part of it: I am no longer as confident that I would have been able
    • In the book, Maeglor talks about people who have gone past him:
      • 1 was a living or moving shadow… at some point he was sure he wasn’t alone, but whenever he got up to look around, he couldn’t find evidence that he wasn’t alone, and told himself it was one of the shades that manifested before it should have, but he didn’t really believe that
      • the other was a gigantic demon with a massive halberd walked through – he just pointed him towards the pit of undigested ages… he didn’t think it was worth it
    • We also see a statue of a dragon being amorphously absorbed by the stone thief, behind of

  • the stone thief is old
  • some of the structures ar emagical in their own right, and it doesn’t digest until it’s strong enough
  • some are kept for sentiment
  • it’s like browsing the shelves of some obsessive collector
  • time has certainly taken the toll
  • even the structures from before recorded history, are still fanstaically well-preserved
  • small hut building
    • puki recognizes it as an old shrine to some forgotten dwarven god
  • To the right, a strange fortress or… is it … hmm… puki seems certain it seems religious in some way
    • it resembles a banyan tree but stone… like tubes make up the walls, but neither Puki nor Legion have any idea
  • continuing… Legion‘s breath catches in his chest – he recalls what he saw in the Elven observatory – with the dark elf and the hag – the Quillgate Library

the heroes hear thundering footsteps approaching – a giant sentinel that Chyraxes warned them about rumbled through

quillgate was a library founded by a previous archmage – the price of entry was a spell, violence forbidden within – all typesof magic users were allowed – the archmage of that time hoped to share this utopian dream – eaten by a dungeon before – the loss caused the arhcmage to snap his staff and disappear from the world –

brass and jade with arcane symbols and wards

two statues of elephant-headed sentinels – they seem – to be waiting

Legion whispers the incantations of the Magic Jar spell Black

  • Nidalru ⊕ uses a Positive 5 with The Prince of Shadows ⊕ and whispers her idea of
  • Merian ⊕ uses a Conflicted 5 with The Emperor ⊕ – because of her experience with the frost giants and her service to The Emperor from before, she knows that the banner will allow the giants to raise land masses
  • Puki ⊕ uses a Positive 6 with The High Druid ⊕ – knowledge of the magics of stoneworking that he picked up

inside it’s a sorry wreck – poils on the floor, chandeliers hand broken, drifts and mounds of books and scrolls, benches, lecterns, etc

everything is covered in mist/dusk without wiping it clean – finding something specific would be impossible

merian starts to reflexively clean them up

  • Legion ⊕ uses a Conflicted 6 with The Archmage ⊕ to find a valuable book – TBD

Nidalru tries to writtle free from stuck but remained stuck

Merian ⊕ uses a Negative 6 with The Prince of Shadows ⊕ to wriggle free from the mind-affecting magic – fail

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