The Plaza of Eternity

A Horse of Sayyad from an island in the Crowded Sea

“Here Lies Hiloquan. May he rest in the wisdom of Noq, Arun, and Merodach”

The Plaza of Eternity

The horse reveals itself to be undead; named Edimu

“Edimu: May you forever gallop in the golden fields of the afterlife.”

Jazeerat al-Sayyad – the island from which the horse was raised

Princess Ophidia reveals herself to the heroes.

The City of Sokhar – used to thrive, built by giants, eventually humans came to live here, basking in the knowledge of the benevolent giants. They passed along their wisdom and civilization and the city grew. As time went on, people began to misunderstand what the giants were imparting upon us, as in knowledge of the afterlife. The city became a death-obsessed culture. They began to see this world as a waiting area for another world where all knowledge would be given them.

The giants, sad that their knowledge was misused, they sealed themselves away forever, hoping that humans would revert back to normal subculture. The humans thought the giants had moved on to the afterlife waiting for them. The kings and queens had the pyramids built, countless slaves were used to build the pyramids to house their bodies and treasures.

“The Real Life” was what they referred to as the afterlife.

The pyramid of Kagamemni remained unfinished because that king died before it was finished. The next king had the slaves work on his before he too, died.

We spotted a majestic white horse in the desert. Zephyr managed to mount it and it took off with him. We chased them down only to be surrounded by a storm that could only be described as “end of the world” shit (Think Fury Road when Furiosa is fleeing the gangs and the sand whirlwind shows up). We flee, still chasing Zephyr and the horse.

Suddenly we find ourselves in a dead city. No living beings in sight. Rows upon rows of mausoleums and several large pyramids. The storm stays out of the city. The horse leads us to a mausoleum where we discover its crypt has been raided (the horse is undead!) Through bizarro head nods and conversations, we determine that the horse’s crypt has been raided (by ghouls) and they took away its golden bridle and bit. We need to recover it for the horse to rest.

We decide to rest. During the night, we hear singing or some instrument, Guzman and Farouk go to investigate and find a beautiful woman. This encounter is a bit bizarro but in summary, she’s a Lamia and she gets “interested” in Gooz. We manage to find out through her that the ghouls roost in one of the pyramids. She leaves, bored with us.

We enter the pyramid and get attacked by ghouls… we defeat them.

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