The Razed Temple

The creatures you see in front of you are humanoid crocodiles; long arms & legs with crocodile heads, but move like humans.

Climactic battle

Secret door opens leading to temple treasury

Roheen takes the priestess’ arcane focus & vial of strange liquid

Treasure Vault
Several ceramic urns containing many golden dinari
Priest Scroll with several magicks
Staff of the Python – faruq
Ring of Protecdtion – kal
Scroll of Protection from Elementals – azizullah
Shield +1 – roheen
FLame Tongue Scimitar – roheen

King Sharaman

Husband of Maazara, Father of Sharamaaz, Two-hundred-and-twelfth restorer of the Temple

Faruq fills decanter with water from the well
Long Rest
Many snakes greet the heroes the next morning
Kal tells Taj to convey what’s happening to the host of snakes
they seem to be offering an affection of sorts

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