The Shattered Meteor

Minor Magic
Adventurer: Learn one cantrip from the wizard list
(Core Book p. 147) per point of Intelligence, Wisdom, or
Charisma modifier (whichever is highest). You can cast
one cantrip per battle, or once every 5 minutes.

used – 6 conflicted with elf queen

5 positive with high druid

6 negative with orc lord

heroes continue through the dragon wood
travel montage
orb going too fast for us to keep up
brath ping-pongs back and forth between orb and party – ravine
the group spans ravine with rope brath carries goes back and forth –

fight fast zombies who are returning from crater
continue forward and see huge # of zombies everywhere
brath uses 6/elf queen to shield everyone in camouflage as we approach
orb starts glowing blue and protects us from mind-affecting effects coming from the meteor
we are all struck with the knowledge that the meteor is a living dungeon hurled into space from a previous age’ archmage
it’s trying to come back
heroes go to investigate

1000gp coins from a past age
Minoru – Starbright robe – woven from spun meteoric iron, shimmering robe warps space & reality – +1ac recharge 11+ pop all currently engaged characters free
Ereveron – feathered bow – +1 atk & dmg – when you crit you can fly with your next move but must land
Magnus – rage greatsword – +1 to atk & dmg and 1/battle when staggered reroll 1 attack die and take better result
rainier – rainbow symbol – +1 to cleric spells – when one nearby ally heals you gain +temp hp = level+wisdom
Gallydyn – slayer shoes + 1 to disengage checks & +1 attack immediately after disengaging
Gallydyn also took Minoru‘s wand –
potion of regeneration

Author: Turnerbuds