The Siege of Harrowdale

Idris (Dave V):

Idris thought to himself as he sat by the fire with the others talking around him…his mind wandered…

Why are these artifacts making their way to light now? They’ve been well hidden for hundreds of years, and now two…two in the last few years?!

Protecting the first one killed me but we managed to get it into the hands of the Golden Order. That one was a blessings of sorts, as I was given a second chance by the Great Gold Wyrm and was reborn to join his cause. Thankfully, that artifact is now safe and once again hidden in Hildebrande.

Now the the Skull of Sidabras? Is it one of the five? Why is the Diabolist making her move to retrieve these artifacts now? How far behind can the agents of The Three be?

Idris needed answers…and one way or another, he was going to get them!

He sprang back to the present…Puki, had made some comment to which he vaguely acknowledged.

They needed to get to Harrowdale and stop whatever it is that was going on.

on goblin:
– money
– letter inside which reads:

Jaleh – the time has come. Take your payment and do as you promised. When you are ready, light the nightcandle, and we will attack when the defenses fall.

Michael -1gp threw it at the labourer

Author: Turnerbuds