The Slopes of Balor

  • rainier – spigots of lava
    • fastion: using his magic blows a bigger hole off to the side to direct the lava elsewhere
  • fastion: tribe of fire elementals that live in this part of the volcano because of all of the spewing –
    • gallydyn – finesse – generates his archmage brand – firecrackers spring up from fingertips – sends them up in sky  in th other direction
  • gallydyn – the guy in town was right except for: he hasn’t been up the mountain in some time – maybe cold & hot maybe the crust has cracked – the path ahead is spiked
    • minoru: sees this and with no obvious way around, she says to everyone, “she’s going to consult with some people on how to do this”… she goes off a bit… her shadow becomes animate, clearly talking to it, she nods, and four other version of minoru shows up – all different – one face paint, 1 even younger, 1 hurt (burned) – minoru talks with that one especially – in her reality they pushed through too early – they got caught in a blast of heat – some died and she barely escaped – she explains how to get through.  the other 4 version disappear, the shadow hangs and then shares another word before melding back into shadow
  • minoru: ereveron tells everyone to stop because they’re at risk of causing a rockslide
    • ereveron: goes around looking at the path and the structural soundness of where they’re going – too much noise will cause a collapse – leaning on his connections with elf queen & high druid – chants and touches each on the forehead – tinge goes through the body – making no sounds – able to cross through
  • ereveron: volcano has started to erupt!
    • rainier: remembers his old school training – surfing the lava?!?

fastion: fraught with the other parties also climbing up the mountain – can hear the contingency of Uebol

ereveron disappears – hear rustling the roars of a basilisk moves the party away from us, then he comes back – the job is taken care of – ghosts on the trail – presumably the spirits of the dozen of dwarves

minoru approaches the ghosts that are coming up – speaks with them telepathically – they make their desires known – some died suddenly – the basilisk killed them so quickly – what to do with their remains – ereveron says its safe, minoru leads the ghosts to see their petrified bodies – they get into a jovial competition about th estonework – who has the best statue, best detail, etc.

despite the face that it’s on the volcano – still very far north – it does get desperately cold – gotta be some way to use the heat of the volcano to work for them

rainier seeing the cold settles in – lava lamps – it’s cold – something is falling from the sky – hitting him slowly – is this snow? – it’s almost burning his skin – ash – must be spewing from somewhere

volunteers to go out and search for the source – uses robe as barrier for breathing – follows the concentration – finds side-ventts from the volcano spewing this excess fumes and ash – finds shapely boulders that can fill the gaps, and blasts them with fire energy

because it was a pressure exhaust for the volcano – a mini earthquake – turbulence

Fastion – understanding the terrain from having climbed up the mountain – he knows which areas are more susceptible to weakening and cracking – takes the time to search out areas where it’s thicker and more solid – and start to move the makeshift encampment in that direction



Author: Turnerbuds