The Tomb of Shaddad, Part I

Enter tomb of Shaddad get whupped by Shadows. Retreat, rest to try again.

Having just read the inscription on the huge red doors:

Be warned, O Faint of Heart:
I am Shaddad, Son of Ad, Terror of the Genies,
He who never yielded in battle,
Defeated only by Time,
the Great Destroyer of Men and Societies.
the orphans continue into what they now suspect to be his tomb.

S: Fortune favours us, siblings…
G: Any fool can see that, Sulayman!
F: I cannot help but think of the times we have already been surrounded by the dead… the things that live here… and the eye; ever looming…
C: If you don’t mind brothers, I will inspect the door.

Zephyr is lagging clearly behind; clearly hesitant to be first into the tomb. Chaka, uncovering the continual light stone from Yodfah’s waterfall complex, rolls it into the front door of the tomb to cast light from inside. Peering inside; the orphans’ obviously reluctance to enter the tomb seemed to increase the longer they waited. Looking for traps or wards around the door; Faruq tries to step inside the tomb. Guzman steps forward and helps Faruq nudge the door open. Faruq quickly scribbles down the warning on the doors… who knows what use it might be.

Stepping inside, the crypt inside is covered with mud and water the flash flood forced through the doors. Columns reach to the top of the ceiling, and a dozen stone sarcophagi dot the large room. Moving inside along Faruq, Chaka picks up the continual stone and placing her hand on Zephr’s shoulder; grants him the ability to see in the darkness.

His curiosity getting the better of him, Faruq notices the design on the closest sarcophagus is of the oldish design, this one definitely seems from an older time, in fact you can’t make out the name on the sarcophagus; clearly not written in Medani. The syblings follow suit, examining the floor, the walls, and the ceiling but can discern no distinguishing marks or hints as to what they do next.

Examining another sarcophagus, the strange markings differ… is that a name? If so, they’re different…

F: I have an uneasy feeling about this place… and with a note of concern, Faruq‘s fears are lessened when he can’t find any marks that suggest the lids of these sarcophagi have not been removed and replaced…
Z: Why so many coffins for one man?
S: I think it’s not for him… I think it’s for his guards… these would have been his most loyal servants.
F: Let us pass them by; will Shaddad‘s tomb not hold the treasure we seek?
S: We should not leave these untouched; are we not here to gather treasure?

As the orphans make their way to another door, the temperature most notably drops, and all the siblings are struck by the distinct feeling they’re no longer alone.

Stepping to the door, Guzman trips a trap, and a pit opens up, and Guzman is just able to leap to the side to avoid being swallowed whole.

Rising through the floor, a dark shape rises from right out of the floor beside Sulayman and a hoarse breath escapes its maw as one attacks Sulayman and another at Faruq. Eyes wide in horror, Faruq recoils and the darkness misses him.

S: Shadows!

The orphans, panicked and frenzied, defend themselves valiantly against the cold, dark assailants. The touch of the shadows weakens even the strongest of them, and Faruq is felled in the fight, his strength drained completely The orphans manage to finish the last of the shadows.

The cold may have left Faruq, but you all feel a little distance from your brother for some reason… like he’s cold… and distant…

After breaking open one of the sarcophagi, the orphans found:
– lamellar armor (scale mail)
– scimitar
– ring finger: gold ring with scimitar on it

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