The Tomb of Shaddad, Part II

Enter tomb again, defeat shadows & encounter Shaddad as undead mummy lord. Guzman claims Cyclone of the Four Quarters.

Waiting around the makeshift campfire they had made after their second bout with the shadows guarding Shaddad‘s tomb, the moon was high in the sky and the winds were cold, very cold.

S: Do we think there are more shadows there? We have dispelled a dozen of those dark shadows; as many as the sarcophagi in that room.
F: Then we are off; to finish what we started, and he gathers his things.

Deciding to loot the remaining sarcophagi on their way out, anxious to delve further into Shaddad‘s tomb, emboldened perhaps by surviving the onslaught of the shadows.

Creeping deeper into the tomb, the siblings are more keenly aware now that the cold they feel is not just because they’re walking deeper into a crypt in the sand, but because they are perhaps set on spoiling the tomb of a long-dead folk hero…

S: Should we not look into the pit? We would not wish to leave something behind us that might cause us harm, shall we?

Chaka triggers the trap in the doorway that Guzman unwittingly discovered on their last foray, and the pit opened with a well-engineered ‘shunt’. Deftly dodging aside, Chaka holds the continual light stone above the pit, making out four humanoid shapes at the bottom. Peering intently, Chaka can’t seem to make out what they’re wearing, but each seemed to be standing against each wall of the square pit, but they remain motionless.

G: You down there; what are you doing? Come out. I think they’re dead. Does anyone want to go down and grab an arm or something?

Faruq joins Chaka at the edge and peers into the pit to see if he can make anything out, but to no avail. Leaping across the pit, the orphans raise the portcullis and venture further into the darkness.

Beyond the gate, the party discovers a square burial chamber. In its center, the mummified corpse of the sheik sits proudly on a stone throne draped in embroidered cloth of gold (500 gp). The corpse itself wears a heavy gold crown (1,000 gp), a ruby ring of protection +1 (1,000 gp), and tattered red brocade robes (50 gp). A beautiful scimitar sits on the mummy’s lap, gripped by withered hands. As you step forward, all of a sudden, it’s eyes glow with green malevolence and you know it sees you.

Creaking, it stands up, unsheathing the massive blade, curved and forged from different metals; brown, aqua-green, sky blue, and deep, deep red and it stands up and leaves its throne, ready to deal with another grave-robber.

The mummified sheik strides forward and begins the melee.

F: Shaddad, son of Ad, we come not to rob but to learn. Drop your scimitar and teach us!

While Shaddad continued his assault on the orphans, Faruq did not heed the scratching sounds of four desiccated forms of woman climbing out of the pit, dressed in tattered and rotted wedding gowns. Eyes grow wide of the siblings; the dead wives of Shaddad the Terror. Setting the mummy aflame, the eyes dim and it collapses to the ground. The dead wives are joined by Shaddad‘s zombie minions, and the siblings are able to fend them off; setting them aflame and casting them into the very pit from whence they came.

4 pieces of cloth around the hilt, meant to help to grab it better

Calm returns to the cold tomb, and the only sound is the siblings’ heavy breathing and their scuffled footsteps on the stone floor.

As if in a trance, Faruq wanders over to the body of the mummified corpse of Shaddad the Terror… starting silently and contemplating the significance of what just transpired. Then, his attention turning to the legend that remains unruined wordlessly touching the hilt of the Cyclone of the Four Quarters with a sense of reverence.

F: It is amazing to me that a weapon of such legendary power could be wrested from the hands of an ancient one such as this… with such ease… perhaps Fate speaks to us again now, brother.
G: Perhaps is does, but quite honestly I’d rather not wait for a translation, I think we should get out of here right away.
S: May I see it, brother?

With words or arcane skill, Sulayman closes his eyes and hovers his hands over the blade, trying to discern the properties of this weapon of legend.

Cyclone of the Four Quarters – Guzman
+3 Scimitar
+3d6 damage to genies
advantage to spell-like abilites that offer a saving throw
resistance to damage from genie attacks

Cloth of gold from throne: 500g
Heavy gold crown: 1000g
Gold Sheath: 500gp

Ruby Ring of Protection +1 – Guzman

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