The White Death

The heroes challenge Arauthator, the White Death in Oyaviggaton itself.

SCRIPTORIUM: scrolls of (1x each) gaseous form, haste, protection from energy – ioan, water breathing, Evard’s black tentacles, fire shield, wall of fire, hold monster – finnius, chain lightning, and disintegrate.

melissandre – gaseous form, fire shield, wall of fire, and hold monster

Aurathator’s Hoard:
267pp, 1162 gp, 1,011sp, and 20 precious stones (five each worth 200 gp, 400 gp, 600 gp, and 800 gp).
500gp gems x14
Potion of Supreme Healing x1
Potion of Speed x1
Potion of Flying x1
750 gp art objects x5
Gauntlets of ogre power
Ring of free action
+1 Weapon
Wand of wonder

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