The Winding Stair

  • The heroes, without letting the orcs become wise to their find, inspect and try to divine the axe found in Grimrot’s treasure
    • The Axe is not cursed, per se, but it is definitely powerful – quirks are huge
  • The heroes, despite Greyface‘s warning – begin their descent of the maddening stair

  • When the heroes arrive at the stair, they are
  • Every now and then when their wings flap, stone-dust is cast into the air – but they’re not just flesh-stony-type creatures
  • what is obvious though is that they don’t seem to be terribly concerned about anything that’s on the stairs proper – they seem unconcerned with the light or the noise we’re making
  • In some places the stairs are narrow stairs, sometimes a rope bridge, sometimes rickety planks, sometimes a marble staircase ripped from somewhere else

the stairs give way to thick wooden planks, none more than 4ft apart, but will require leaping to get from one point to another

  • aiming the light, Legion sees what Nidalru does – the planks can retract!
  • Nidalru dances across two – one retracts, but she is so light-footed it doesn’t matter
  • Legion, Puki, Merian and Idris are all able to follow
  • STairs get more narrow – more checks:
    • Legion & Nidalru np
    • Merian – one retracts – she falls and clings with her fingers the impact and the stress loses her a recovery
    • Puki‘s board retracts, but he swings hard into the wall and brings Idris down with him
  • it would be a shame if the planks all gave way at once – not that I care about your lives, but all the valuables  you’re no doubt carrying on you – you know how this works – going to see your secret masters
  • I’m sure whatever foul creature you serve down there will give you
  • Legion: We ar the cure of what ails this place – you’ll receive no payment
  • You’re not members of the pale-skinned, feeble-bodied cult
  • Do I look like that?
  • Honestly no, so what are you then?
  • We’re not part of that group – we’re here on other business
  • I don’t care – you wanna use the bridge, you pay the toll
  • Idris: or maybe we’ll just go tell Greyface
  • orcs surprise
  • Fangrot is surprised – doesn’t believe Idris
  • how do I know?
  • Would we have gotten through the gate otherwise?
  • Sourblood: It’s not like an orc leader to not demand a toll to use the bridge
  • I: we paid our toll in blood
  • sb whispers to one of the orc pikemen, then says “alright” – throws us some rope
  • after we get across – the orc pikemen starts making his way across – nods at us – how could we have gotten through otherwise?

Going furhter down the steps, the castle keep is at a dizzying angle

  • clearly the only way through is through the castle, but we feel like it can give at any moment
  • shifts & sways even when not moving
  • hear voices – mostly human
  • nidalru offers to go scouting
  • heroes know they have to go through this area to continue descending the stair
  • I say we go up, push off the orcs take care of this once and for all
  • Yes I agree every time the dungeon god gives us directions
  • smooth voice – let’s not be hasty, what happens in all our zealousness, we die?  what happens if we do kill them?  They the orcs at the top seeing us bloody will have questions?  Letl’s say we clean ourselves up and they’re too stupid to notice?  Do you think they have eno conversation with them?  At some point they will realize we filled the orcs guarding the bridge – sorry you’re looking
  • Then all our work for the dungeon god goes unfulfilled
  • we wait for the tribute to arrive, then we’ll bring it to the orcs
  • just wait – it will be here soon

  • you think i’d be travelling her alone?
  • nO i don’t – who are you calling to?
  • Oh, you’re adventurers!  Look everyone, we have an adventurer here.  are you one of the heroic adventurers or dig into the earth for gold type?
  • WE’re not here for gold
  • You’re the heroic type, oh!  Walks towards Nidalru – her eyes get a little bit hard even though she has a smile – and she whispers
    If I told you if a sudden move would mean you bleeding out from your side, would you believe me?
  • Friensd of the beautiful dark elf – come down – no ambushes please – i’d hate to spill her blood

Heroes walk down – cult members do not have ea good look on her face

the heroes show themselves

the dark elf trying to make up for her shady past

the knight with full plate armor

the devotee of the ggw whose devotion is so great that his eyes replaced of gold

a beardless dwarf?

the dark wizard with a past best left unexplored

oh this is exciting

so – you’r enot treasure hunters.  What are you doing this far down, in the depths of our god?  Please don’t say you’re trying to kill the stone thief – you know how many have tried?  Want me to lead you where we buried their bones.  Is that it/  So disappointing

N: no, we’re not

Good.   You’re not here looking for money –

We followed someone down here that we need

Who did you follow

N: Describes the dragonic – you might have seen him –

Cult Acolyte 8 gets a fevered look – they’re enemies of hte god – let’s destroy them! – he runs to the wall to disturb the castle, but Jac stops him – we need to find out wha tthey want first.  She throws him aside.

Why are you looking for this dragonic?

N: dddddddd

  • hate the witch and her abomination of a castle
  • enemy of enemy is friend
  • go down further
  • find a clock – from the hells
  • take this cloth and show it to him – he’ll know
  • pit of undigested ages – witch has grafted her seciton on there
    • you’ll see a lot of things that look very interesting – not saying don’t look into them, but you may find something completely different
    • If you make it up – PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT THEM
  • you’re going to see titanically tall stone golems – they’re the keepers – not sure how the dungeon god chooses what to absorb and what not to – some are in pristine condition – some are refurbished – some are left to rot – the pit is the stone thief’s
  • If you attract the attention of the custodian – it squishes you flat – tha’ts it
  • if your magician (legion) can access the portal – then we can engage The Witch directly
  • the toll with the ancient woman – the bridge – no idea what the toll will be – rumour has it that she has psychic abilities
    • have you ever had an out of body experience?

descending even further

  • arrive in the distance see a pilgrim shrine – ramshackle building with place to kneel
  • kick over the rugs, finding nothing of value but serves as a reminder that these are people fueled by their faith – that there is
  • side passage is very worn – as though people do go there a lot
  • narrow crack – only wide enough for 1 of us at a time – obvious that people have been going through here
  • nidalru slips her way through – passage winds off through the rock – becoming wider and wider opening up into a natural cavern
  • stalagmites make it look like a prison somewhere, but it definitely looks like it’s going somewhere
  • cavern eventually widens and becomes a place crafted – buttresses – archways – keep walking through….
  • hear shifting… like a large body upon… to Puki it sounds like a large body of coins being moved…

wha’ts that?  sounds?!  Guests?!?  Oh please do come in – share your tales

a drow – fiercest of the elves – haunting the alirs of – alongside a dwarf!?  Strange bedfellows indeed


well that’s not a scent I’ve ever smelled before… smells like … like shadow… and dark magic…. oh a mysterious wizard come to visit me… please do come in!

Allow me to in

Chyraxes you are in visiting me in my prison here – imprisoned by the stone thief – oh… what a terrible fate to befall a dragon… you know the estone thief took me long ago, now I am old, too old to fly even if I could escape – I was once the guardian of these lvesl – anyone who dared densce the stair had to deal wit me – after a while I let them go on purpose as long as they’d tell me about the world above – condemned to my fate here – once the thief saw I had outlived my usefulenesss

Please sit with me for a spell – entertain me please with witty conversation with news of the outside world – and I will reveal what you know of the world above

maybe even part with some trinkets here

  • Legion cannot detect
  • Idris knows The Black is still a powerful force above – fantastic assassins  – The Black runs a monastery where she teaches master assassins
    • Blacks have a subset where they think they’re the original ones – and others are just johnny come latelys
    • they think the black should lead the three
    • If he’s down here like this – also possible he lost the favour of his icon – maybe he tried to betray the icon

A huge smile goes across the dragon then lets out a hiss as he sees orcs – they’re carrying tea – they are using a gorgeous tea set – so old it’s from a previous age – ancient… selling this tea set would likely set up generations of descendants

Dragon sips tea as well – apologizes for the orcs – they are well-charmed – renews the magic every day – Does mean they’re not very good at conversing…

Chyraxes introduces himself to everyone –

  • The Dreaming mystic – has her own purpose – whether asc or descending , they are driven by desperation, and she plays on it gives her strength but many who pass through torments them with images from their own past, what’s what this one – indicates one of the orcs – has told me about anyway – described her as a reptile wearing human skin –
  • talks about loyalty to an icon being nothing more than a wasted life
  • even the icons themselves the GGW is his cousin – ages trapped in a fissure in the earth – has anyone asked why!?  Why is that their curse?
  • he makes it clear that we’re always welcome

Before ew leave

  • one of them a beast of ice freeze you with his very tough
  • warns of the fire beast that can shoot flame
  • gonna LOOK like a person wielding a sword, but that’s not what it is – the sword IS the obstacle, it creates a human to wield it
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