Thinning the Herd

  • Puki definitely feels like he’s been ‘caught’ sneaking through someone’s ‘bedside stand’ – like he feels the presence of the stone thief – it’s not a consciousness… like a ‘clever shark’
  • Puki can certainly feel the animosity because of the violation

Having survived the onslaught, the heroes make their way back through the ancient elven sorceress’ throne room, and through the caverned walls of the stone thief tunnels.

  • The Undaunted come across a farm of sorts, where orcs are overseeing some of the recent captives from Hildebrande to till and dig for the mushrooms under the crack of a whip
  • Realizing that confrontation now would mean keeping the slaves there while the heroes delve deeper into Deep Keep, or even bring about suspicious inquiries
  • Moving back along a corridor used before, the heroes tried to sneak by the wandering patrols but failed miserably
  • Set upon by a group of orcs and their minions…


  • Certain now that there were no other orcs aware of their presence, and certain the captives at the farm remain unaware of their presence, the heroes inspect
  • Puki takes note of the orcs’ allegiances based on their markings & dress – a mix of Grimtusk and Fangrot
  • Approaching the arena, Idris and Merian notice among the captives being led inside are many of the more significant members of Hildebrande: Condon, Ursel, Jocelyn and Judith
  • Trying their best to approach by stealth, the heroes are reminded that they are more ‘brute force’ and less ‘stealth assassins’


  • Having eliminated the last of the visible patrols around the gladiatorial arena, it seems that Deep Keep had almost poured all of the orcs, guards, and ill-meaning beings into the Arena to witness the festivities
  • Since the new captives were led in the front door with many of the spectators, the heroes decide to find another means of entrance
  • Skulking around the sides of the coliseum, the heroes realize there are no other entrances
  • The Deep Keep Coliseum

    Nidalru, Merian, and Puki decide to try and skulk inside stealthily

  • Legion uses Disguise Self to look like many of the dozens mingling through the arena rooms
  • Old Orc
  • Some of the heroes see Several huge owlbears are croaking, angry at their last fight – one of the orcs calls out, “Quick, feed them before they get angry!”
  • Seven or eight humans from Hildebrande are brought out to be fed to the owlbears
  • Merian, unable to contain herself, leaps over the walls of the arena into the ring itself – “This ends now!”


Idris ⊕ uses a Positive 6 with The Great Gold Wyrm ⊕ and using the golden scale as a focus, Idris teleports into the middle of the prisoners and takes the golden scale, slamming it into the ground, and a golden-hued barrier arises from the scale protecting.

Possessor demons appear, fight continue

Legion shows up late, tries not to attract too much attention.

give me their heads – two weeks rations to whoever brings me their heads

an equally more commanding voice emanates from another orc who leads a large number of troops into the arena

Puki now remembers who the owner of the dagger was… Greyface…. the orc he healed all those years ago…

now it’s a faceoff between Greytusk and Greyface


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