Temugen Hightower

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  • Temugen is a simple guy, a reluctant hero so to speak. half orc so he does have the deep down rage and fights terribly brutally and effectively, he believes in good healthy food, ale and regular exercise (champion archetype). maybe he has gotten a little bored since he has realized his dream already. Character Stats:
    • Affiliation: Update Height: Update Weight: Update Age: Update Eyes: Update Race_id: 7 Gender_id: 1 Alive_dead_id: Update Hair: Update Skin: Update Alignment_id: Update Religion: Update Class1e: — Class2e: — Class3e: — Class35e: — Class4e: — Class5e: Fighter Level: 8 Adv_company: Update Campaign: Update Father: Update Mother: Update Sibling1st: Update Sibling2nd: Update Sibling3rd: Update Spouse: Update Child1st: Update Child2nd: Update Child3rd: Update Setting: FR
    Author: Caelynn