of The Undaunted

Numbered for reference, not priority.

  1. Create the weapon to kill the stone thief.
    • Have: Everburning Coal, ichor, soul of a hero (Ser Orfeo), meteoric iron, abyssal dream
    • Need: the blessing of the dwarf king, someone to make it
  2. Idris would still like to look into why the diabolist was after the artifact in Harrowdale and why the syndicate is helping her. If I remember correctly, someone had a vision of a black hooded figure hiring the cambions that attacked us. (Dave)
  3. On a more personal note, he would like to find out if the Harrowdale artifact is connected to the one in Hildebrande and if it indeed one of the five he had visions about upon his rebirth at the hands of the GGW. (Dave)
  4. Also, there are now two artifacts in Hildebrande… what undo attention and danger does that bring to the hidden GGW temple and the city itself? (Dave)
  5. Also Nuzbok: what has been unleashed there and can we prevent it? (Dave)
  6. Find out who set you up with the one-way-trip mask (Eric)
  7. Stop Syndicate operations in Hildebrande, in general (Eric)
  8. Research into how some people seem to be able to summon the Stone Thief (Eric)
  9. Investigate the church because you think they’re hiding something (Eric)
  10. Other research topics:
    • Nuzbok
    • the artifacts in Hildebrande (one originally from Harrowdale)
  11. Legion‘s desire to return to The Stone Thief to retrieve what he thinks is now carried within… a shard! (Joe)
  12. Idris‘ only interest in them (the Syndicate) is because they seem to be some connection with them, the diabolist and the GGW relics. If this proves to go deeper, then his interest level may change. (Dave)
  13. Idris‘ main interests lie in the GGW relics, the stone thief, and anything else the GGW asks him to do. (Dave)
  14. I also remember, when I first talked to Ursel about how we think the stone thief hunts partly by going after powerful magic items…we stated that having two relics in the same place might not be the best idea. I seem to remember her agreeing and asking Merian and Idris to help transport one of them to Edolan when we were done with the ‘syndicate treasure vault’…which of course we couldn’t do cause we got swallowed up again. (Dave)
  15. Retrieve the banner artifact for the cloud giants that are able to raise patches of land into the air


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