… to Ironfort!

  • The reunited heroes of Starport Mountain are sent north to Ironfort along with Fastion, Righter of Wrongs.
Intro Montage
  • Minoru hears familiar words from a familiar voice in a familiar accent soothing the anxieties of a young boy and recalls all too well those same words strengthening her in her younger years.  She speaks them in unison and lets her voice fall to Rainier‘s ears, and the two are reunited.
  • Seeing a serious character who himself seemed to be on the lookout, Rainier invites Fastion to their table and quickly realize they have received the same message.
  • Fastion cautiously joins the mismatched pair, realizing that these are two of “the others” the message from this Sephare had delivered
  • Gallydyn leaves a small village and making his way north, spots a group of men on the path far ahead.  Apprehensive, Gallydyn goes on alert and then they gesture and seem to beckon him, he disappears into the forest with a blink and loses them.  It isn’t long, however, that his traipsing through the woods attracts the attention of one he didn’t even know was there – Ereveron berates how loud Gallydyn is in a friendly jibe and the two continue northward together
  • The heroes finally meet along the long, winding paths through the dwarven lands and it is friendly, welcome, and pleasant to see everyone again.
Appearance Montage
  • Fastion – rough and weathered, the clothes of a wanderer… scars and skin betraying the many battles and the endless tasks his order charges him with
  • Gallydyn is slightly short for elves, but his cloak draws the eye – a shimmering field of stars in day or night – drawing the eyes to it’s perceived depths
  • Almost everything about Ereveron‘s initial appearance is unremarkable – the elven silhouette is as most assume it would be.
  • Rainier – huge and intimidating, athletic and strong, but has a gentle way about him – his walk and his manner seem uncommon to one who looks like he would be more comfortable on the battlefield
  • Minoru – slight and many years younger than even Gallydyn appears to be, she seems ‘out of place’ with the group.  Passers-by might cast worrisome glances at the company she keeps, but their eyes are drawn to the curved blade at her side and perhaps worry less that she is in danger
Travel Montage
  • Rainier: as the newly-formed group continues towards Ironfort, their way through a narrow pass is blocked by a small landslide.  Their mounts can’t navigate the pass easily
    • Minoru: Focusing on the problem at hand, and even breaking into a slight sweat on her brow, Minoru is able to perceive a reality where the landslide hasn’t happened yet, and weakening the area to that reality, is able to make clear a path for a short time that Ereveron agrees is passable by the horses
  • Minoru: Orc party coming our way
    • Gallydyn:  uses a Positive 6 with The Elf Queen ⊕ to cast illusory magic, obscuring the tracks and trail they left
  • Gallydyn: THe slope becomes a problem for the horses
    • Ereveron: Uses tricks of the forest to fashion horseshoes that allow the horses to tread properly
  • Ereveron: A pit was left by someone that we didn’t notice and Rainier falls in
    • Fastion: Uses some rope to help fetch him out
  • Fastion: See in the distance two red dragons fighting over the right to mate with a third
    • Rainier: carefully leads his friends in a wide enough berth to avoid the notice of the distracted monsters

  • They continue through the forests into the lowlands and come across a pack of orcs presumably setting up camp for the night
  • Ereveron is able to sneak into the woods and observe them, instructing the party how to ambush them


The Dwarf King has set the meeting of the emissaries of icons at a fort on the slopes of Balor, a volcano in the north of his domain. Before the adventurers can get to Ironfort they must cross the mountains to the north of Forge, trek across orc-infested lands, and brave the northern wilds. Ironfort and Balor are isolated, probably why the Dwarf King chose the location for the meeting.

They meet the Captain of the town guard, Captain Dran Shale who tells them the fort is on high alert because of roving orc bands who have attacked 3 times in the last 2 months.  He also tells of the groups of emissaries who have arrived to bid on the meteor.

The adventurers finally arrive at Ironfort; a walled dwarven town, built into the side of the mighty Balor volcano. The largest structure in the town is the fort itself, a sturdy dwarven-built citadel that protects the town and allows the forces of the Dwarf King to project his military might over the surrounding territory—keeping the roads safe for trade between Forge and the northernmost mines.

The adventurers are shown to rooms in a tavern in town (The Hammer and Anvil),

  • Rainier  uses a Conflicted 6 with The Emperor ⊕ to recall whether it’s normal for emissaries of The Emperor to be accompanied by half-orc mercenaries
    • It is not.  Even though ‘money talks’, The Emperor often cascades instruction to his network to use the rule of law and military discipline to those working for you
    • Half-orcs are known to share the ferocious side of their dual-parentage, so they can be less-disciplined
    • Lord Vermon’s obvious wealth suggests he may not only be embezzling the taxes he collects, but that he’s paying his guards very well
  • Fastion uses a Positive 5 with The Prince of Shadows ⊕ to learn more about the other emissaries who have arrived
    • Uebol is an emissary of The Crusader, and brought magic-wielding guards as part of the entourage
    • Lord Vermon of Axis is here representing The Emperor’s interests and has half-orc mercenary guards with him.
    • Celebrin Starshone of the Court of Stars is here, but oddly is accompanied by humans wearing elven garb…
  • Fastion uses a Positive 6 with The Archmage ⊕ to
  • Fastion uses a Positive 6 with The Crusader ⊕ to figure out from some of Lord Vermon’s guards what they will be offering during the feast
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