To Right a Wrong – Part II

Caelynn (Caelynn):

Caelynn approaches the elven prisoner, with a soft voice and a smile.

“Worry not maiden, we are here to help. We will not leave this place until all of these foul beasts are slain. Please tell us what happened here, and how we can help. I am called Caelynn, aye you may have heard of me. I have come, along with my companions, to right past wrongs and deliver Celene from the evil which has grown within.”

“You may judge me based on what you have heard, but I care not. Our actions will speak for themselves. Just do me one boon, tell the people of Celene that Caelynn has returned, from the dead so to speak (chuckle). Tell them to follow the sound of thunder. It will cleanse the evil from the city.”

The remaining story where the heroes charge blindly into the Underdark of the Feywild to pursue Erayn the Mad.

Author: Turnerbuds