To Sausage or Not to Sausage

Graeme’s summary is awesome… lol…

The discussion was me trying to get a gauge on player expectations for my campaign. In conversation with Eric, I got the sense that he was hoping I’d play Strahd as tough as I could to keep it real, and I wanted to gauge how others felt – since it would likely mean the death of a character (or more) before I am done. Most seemed to be okay with it so long as the story made sense.

Though I pointed out that, like a Bond villain, Strahd may not always make the best choices, despite the fact that he’s a clever villain (like most Bond villains). But I wanted to get a gauge on how upset people would be if I decided to hammer them as hard as I could. Jonas was fine with it. Jedd and Graeme were sort of fine with it. Eric and you were absent so I took it to mean “please kill our characters first”.

For Hoard: We tried to enter the lodge, but before getting to the front doors, we got HAMMERED by Perytons. Graeme was a crit demon from hell. People lost a lot of HP and Kindra went unconscious. We managed to survive, entered the lodge and Zane and Serevin fell victim to a freeze trap where we were restrained as gargoyles attacked. There were some killer moves and “magic hands” from Kindra, and then Mel killed a bunch of them.

We entered a trophy room and Throrogrim became the entertainment of the night as he gorged on sausage. Serevin knocked them away from him fearing they were poisoned, and this cause a rift between you and Serevin. Sausage jokes and innuendos were abundant. We found the kitchen (more sausage!) but killed the cultist cooks there (boo!). Zane killed a guy whose name may have been “Stew”. This led to a yard with Rage Drakes. This was again a tough fight (and the part I started to fall asleep during). Once done, we thought we’d check out there “Rage Drake Coop”. It was a bad idea.


(session end – tune in next week when we fight a dick-nosed troll)


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