Too Greedily and Too Deep

  • The heroes return to the Queen’s Wood to give the phylactery of Cornellion to the Elf Queen
  • The reception is cold (dave)
  • (fab) the elves require convincing that Cornellion had strayed so far
  • The elves aren’t actually that surprised when they are convinced (Roberto)
  • The elves are further convinced and gratified when legoin gives them the phylactery

Thankful, they offer the heroes to stay a day or two in the wood

  • During that time, Legion s requested to witness the arcane caster’s attempts to examine and determine the nature and contents of the phylactery and it’s protection, but they are unable to crack the wards.  Legion hands over all the documents he was able to carry from Cornellion’s lab, thinking perhaps the secret to cracking his wards lie therein
  • Idris is given a Golden Scale Charm (power TBD)

The hospitality we get is comfortable, not any special warmth – people aren’t just really sure what to make of us here: on one hand, they’re sure we’re something special, but not sure what to make of it since hazard seems to follow us everywhere – though any fears they have are not from The Stone Thief itself, as the Queen’s Wood allows her to transport her court where she pleases.

Some of the high elf wizards look at Legion with an almost scientific curiosity – there are none like him in this reality

Many of them are wondering if

Merian spent some time investigating some new evidence from the death of her sister.  It is not clear that unless the black draconic was working for the Prince of Shadows (highly unlikely) it is not official that the PoS doesn’t seem to have had anything to do with the death of Merrian’s sister.

  • As Merian was investigating, she received word from her contacts that the raids from the barbarians on Stoneroost has not gone unnoticed – they’ve raided more
  • The empire has apparently sent out a strike force to deal with the barbarians, and a force from Drakenhall has been dispatched as well
  • Legion says aloud that they need to return to Stoneroost to secure the ingredients

Totally quiet as we enter the mine

no clanging, no commotion, no sound at all, actually


During the Fight, Legion is assaulted by one of the Derro Sages – his circlet reacts and his vision is dramatic, and the revelation is clear: “The Derro are being manipulated by a honeyed voice in the darkness that has uncovered a secret about your ally Puki

The heroes descend into the hole, past where we fought the dragon last, but there is nothing there… not even the corpse of the dragon

As they continue – a voice comes over all fo you – it’s deep and somewhat charming – it says, “Interesting creatures, these derro… do you know where they come from?  They were dwarves, just like you, Puki.  WEll, not just like you, but more like you than perhaps you think… Puki, have you ever wondered why you were released from your people?  Do you really think it’ because you healed an orc one day?  Delve deeper with your friends, come join me – find out the truth…”

Descending another 20m – Idris pauses, sniffs the air, looks back and forth – and says aloud to his friends, “Something from the hells is here…”


How marvelous… how well done – I wonder how much of what you are is being sacrificed as you make your way towards me

Few people can – delve deeper – delve as your ancestors did to find my ancestors – and I will reward you – with what you can use to tell about your true nature

Our reunion awaits…

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