Under Siege

The heroes barricade themselves in the church, and the assault of undead from outside threaten those within.

Carver making full use of his bonus action, hiding behind the raised dais, to fire the deadly shot that takes out the flameskull!

Carver vaulting over said dais, whilst holstering his gu…ummm… hand crossbows, to stab the wight to death (30+ damage) with a his rapier, unsheathed and stab attack all in one motion!

Carver leaping over pews, dropping his rapier to re-arm with his crossbows to twin shot two ghouls dead on the spot!

Carver, looking over his shoulder at Kethra and winking!

Kethra, letting loose an exasperated sigh and epic roll of the eyes!

Carver, wondering how much gold he can get for the icon of ravenloft!


Author: Turnerbuds

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