Death and Glory

Horns, drums, and screaming announce a renewed assault on Briarfort. Wave after wave of orcs smash themselves against the thorny walls. After a few minutes, the reason becomes clear… the golden tone of elven horns resounds through the Queen’s Wood, and the adventurers can see giant eagles circling overhead. The Elf Queens forces have arrived! The orcs are making a last-ditch effort to swarm into Briarfort before the elven army arrives to chase them off. The defenders just have to hold on a little longer. The defenders rush to the walls, calling to the heroes to join them.

Cave Orcs, Pit-Spawn Orcs


All Hail the Heroic Heroes!

The remainders of the orc forces are ground to bloody paste between the defenders on the walls and the onrushing rescuers from the Elf Queens main force. Those few orcs who survive flee for their lives into the forest where they are cut down by elven rangers. Cheers and yells of For the Queen! rise from the bloodied and bruised defenders of Briarfort – but even louder are the shouted names of the adventurers. The player characters are hugged – patted on the back – and otherwise thanked as the reality of the victory sinks in. Beyond the walls – the broken and burning ruins of the orc camp remind the adventurers of how close they came to death and defeat. The siege of Briarfort may have been won – but this was just the first battle of the war.


The party examine the remains of the orcish siege camp and undertake a sabotage mission to push the orcs into the path of the Koru behemoths.


Sorting the Wreckage

The heroes leave the protective boundaries of Briarfort to explore the abandoned orcish siege camp. The orcs fell back after the momentum of the siege changed, leaving behind some of their gear, provisions and personal items. The party has only a short time to search the abandoned camp for clues, spoils and useful equipment before they are to receive their next set of orders. Ask the player to the GMs immediate left to describe an area of the camp that might be usefully searched for loot and to describe an NPC who is already searching that area. After the player finishes their description, tell the next player that their character finds something in that area (on an icon relationship result of a 5 they find a rune, on a 6 they find a true magic item), and how they interact with the NPC. Repeat for each player at the table until everyone has looted the abandoned camp.



When the heroes return from picking over the orc camp, they are directed to meet with Duke Aeobrin. The duke is the leader of the forces who broke the siege of Briarfort, and he has use for the adventurers. An orc force has been spotted crossing west over the Oldwall. The force of orcs just defeated were a sent to slow down the elven army and prevent them aiding the Dwarf King until after General Guls renegade Red Flag Army has taken Forge by storm. The force that is crossing the Oldwall seems to have a similar mission.

Duke Aeobrin intends to send the heroes as a distraction for the orcs crossing the Oldwall, and march the elven army right past the orc force while they are looking the other way.

The plan is that the adventurers are to escort a dark elf saboteur named Xanth into a vulnerable spot in the Orcish camp. Once in place, they are to assist Xanth in sowing confusion and giving the orcs cause to think that the elven army is marching to their north (when in reality the elven army is south of the orcs). Duke Aeobrin intends to lead the orcs into the path of a migrating koru behemoth. Xanth needs to be protected in order to carry out his task.

The players are to build a plan to enter the orcish armys camp completely unseen. When the party is finished planning, divide their plan into three steps or phases that can be accomplished with skill checks. The each skill check is of normal difficulty (DC 15), if the first roll is failed the remaining two skill rolls DCs get increased by 5.




Lieutenant Thessalia Naetris

Author: Turnerbuds