Waiting for Cloud Giants

(The following takes place after the battle against the exiled elves, after the use of the magical flare, waiting for the Cloud Giants to respond)

Idris had offered to take the first watch. He didn’t want his sleep interrupted later, as he planned on entering the Dreamscape. The final ingredient for the Stone Thief-killing weapon was supposed to be an “Abyssal Dream.” The Crusader or the Diabolist might give access to that information, but an obvious source would be He Who Stemmed the Tide: The Great Gold Wyrm.

The dream did not last long…Idris saw himself as a supplicant, flying into the Abyss to gain wisdom from the Great Gold Wyrm. The dream was fuzzy this time…not something Idris was used to. As well, Idris felt like he was being watched…

It took some time, but Idris realized he was not himself in the dream, but a gold dragon…Zephalarius. The cause for this sojourn was not clear, but it was important, that much Idris was sure of. He started to get a vision of a dragon’s den…Zephalarius’ lair. Idris understood what had to happen then…approach Zephalarius and petition the dragon to share the memory in some tangible way.

The dream started to fade to mist, as was usual, but then something strange happened. When the mist cleared, Idris was not awake…at least, he didn’t think he was. He was in a barren wood, desolate and at dusk. No leaves on the trees and no sound of animal life of any kind. Idris kept looking about for any sign of life, but there was nothing…except a presence of some kind, intrusive and..malevolent somehow.

Finally, in a raspy, cackling voice that echoed throughout the depressing atmosphere came a warning “Now THEY know what you’re planning as well. Fortunately for you, so do I….hahahahahahahahaha!”

Idris woke up. It was clear to him now that the Secret Masters were also monitoring the Dreamscape for his journeys in it. It seemed like the hag Pheig was doing so as well, as a sort of dark overseer…he believed that she would keep her word, but he wondered just how powerful SHE was…

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