Where Shadows Meet

The site of the camp where Jaeron and his Quick Blade mercenary group settled is abandoned, and the refugees camped down the hill have long since looted the tents and gear the company left behind. The broken stone tower remains overlooking the bay of Baldur’s Gate, and standing at the cliffside, Legion stares out at the moonlit waters.

There are several merchant ships at anchor now, and the sounds of the docks can be heard even at this great distance. The shade looks down to the palm of his hand where a bright blue flower rests. The flower is called The Azureheart by locals here, but the shade knows it by a dozen different names he’s heard it named in his lifetime.

The snap of a branch behind him alerts Legion to a new arrival. He does not turn around, but rather continues to stare out over the city.

“You’re late.” The shade says.

“My apologies,” a voice behind him says, “but I had to make sure I was not followed.”

For several minutes there is nothing said between the two, and the stranger finally speaks again, when he realizes the shade will not.

“I have information,” the voice says, hesitantly. Legion still does not turn, or even acknowledge the statement.

“Sardis is not in Baldur’s Gate.” The stranger says, “He left shortly after the triggering of the event in Bloomridge. There are different rumors as to where he was headed, but none of them very good leads.”

“I’m not interested in rumors,” Legion says harshly, “and your information is stale. I already knew he was gone. We had an arrangement, you and I, and if you can’t keep up your end of the bargain…” The shade says nothing, but let’s the threat hang in the air. Legion turns slowly to face the voice behind him. The shade looks the stranger up and down with his cold eyes.

“I suppose I shouldn’t blame you,” Legion says, “I would imagine a drow would have a hard time getting any information in Baldur’s Gate.”

“The city is more accepting than you think,” the drow replies, “and I can fetch a wealth of information in the Underdark.” Legion‘s brows rise in interest.

“So is that where Sardis went then?” The shade asks quietly, “To the Underdark?”

“Perhaps,” the drow answers, “but you need to give me time. Trust me, I’m excellent at gathering information, I will get you what I promised.”

“Do not fail me.” Legion says darkly as he turns back to the harbor. Behind him, he hears the drow slip silently away. The shade stares at the bay for a long time, before he crushes the flower in his hand and throws it angrily to the ground.

Author: Turnerbuds

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