Word from Haroushin

Word from Haroushin

The heroes travel to Wasat and witness the parade of the Shield of the Faithful, Kalid ______ _ _ _ _______ _ _,

MOney is thrown to the streets and the

azizullah 3
roheen 3
faruq 1
printz 3

holy slayers of the everlasting, followers of Hajama: God of Bravery
Zann: God of Knowledge

Suhail Min-Zayn possessed Chaka?!?
The book of Lions showed an illustration of a group of people (any adventurers) fighting a mix of earth elementals, fiendish creature from lower planes, and undead. The person behind them, is some sort of priest (archaic armor), body has weird tattoos (glyphs), holding a talisman that looks like the seal of the 9-spoken wheel. He thinks azaltine (before he became a lich) was part of the lions, fought whoever this guy is holding the 9-spoked wheel.

Azaltine must have been part of the group of these adventurers.

Age of the armor on the undead liches is the same era of the picture from the book of lions.

The appointment of the imam has uspet the grandfather of the everlasting. The demands cannot be ignored. Lost trusted friend and vizier. If he dies the councils of huzuz may rule wasat soon.

The everlasting’s lair is rumoured to be in the mountains.
The caliph wants us to convince the Grandfather of the Everlasting to cease his attacks and see that the appointment of the imam is not the tragedy he thinks it is.

Hajama does not have a huge presence in Wasat, but the Everlasting tried to assassinate them anyway.

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