List of Sanctuaries (places that don’t fold in on themselves when the Stone Thief submerges) that you are aware of:

  • The Gauntlet: The Belfry
  • The Sunken Sea: Most of it, to avoid putting the water of the area under excessive pressure
  • The Wild Caves: the area surrounding Dungeon Town
  • Marblehall: The entire level…as long as Casila“s magic holds out

Wizard Robe (C)

  • Recharge 11+
  • This purple robe gives +2 AC.
  • Immediately after casting a spell, gain a bonus to AC equal to half the level of the spell just cast, rounding down. This protection lasts until the start of the wearer’s next turn.

The Book of Passage

  • Recharge 16+
  • An alarmingly detailed first-person account of death. When a nearby enemy dies, heal using a recovery… or when a nearby ally falls below 0 hit points, you may spend one of your own recoveries on their
  • Quirk: Obsesses about mortality.

The Hammer of Dawn

  • Recharge 6+
  • This +2 weapon is especially potent against the undead. When you strike a critical hit against an undead creature, it flashes with holy fire, inflicting 2d10 damage on all nearby undead.
  • Quirk: Sings strident hymns of battle at inappropriate times.

An eerie parchment scroll

  • written in silver ink
  • containing an invitation to visit the Lich King on the Necropolis “to discuss matters of state pertaining to the Undying Peerage.”
  • The bearer of the invitation may visit the Necropolis freely “without hindrance or fear of attack.”

2000 worth of gold in jewelry, outfits, etc.

Author: Eric