Stone Thief Notes

From Max:

  • Max — 01/18/2021 10:35 PM
    angel on the door from idris’ vision (soul of a hero). David is on it. Door is open when there is a need.
  • Max — 01/18/2021 11:28 PM
    spirit sir orfio, knight of the empire. Wife Hela. A wise woman (old witch) gave him dreams as to where she could be. Lives in a hut, surrounded by greenery (grove?); Phieg
  • Eric VdW — 01/18/2021 11:42 PM
    (This is good, Max. Well done)
    Ser Orfeo

Things to Remember:

  • The factions of Deep Keep: Fangrot and his tribe; Grimtusk and his group; Greyface and his tribe; the Stoneborn
  • Fangrot was tasked by the Orc Lord to take command of the Stone Thief as a siege engine. He has so far failed to do so, and it seems is procrastinating
  • Grimtusk is happy just living his best orc life as a pillager and raider, doesn’t give a crap about the Orc Lord, and seems to have a smuggling operation with the Prince’s network
  • Greyface and his group are loyal to the Orc Lord and wish Fangrot would complete the mission…barring that, see the mission completed another way
  • There is surprisingly little spirituality in the Keep, save for one future-predicting shamaness
  • The Blood Sorcerers have a temple in Deep Keep and those have been known to cause demonic corruption…maybe explains the pigs?
  • Slaves are worked until the ST submerges, then are hauled into Deep Keep. Any plan to free the slaves would need to work around the logistics of the various levels of the Stone Thief as well as the danger of the orcs
  • There are also slaves and gladiators at the arena, with the name Iron Feather sticking out
  • The Custodians are in disagreement with how things work: The Vizier works with the orcs, but some of the others don’t like the situation
  • There seems to be a cold diplomacy between the orcs and the cultists, as the orcs control the only reliable way into and out of the lower levels
  • That way is a large stone cover in the middle of a town square that covers a passageway/hole/whatever going to the deeper levels
  • Near the meeting hall of the Custodians is the throne room of Perido, a drow wizard that challenged the Elf Queen (or an Elf Queen) ages ago. Her ghost haunts the place still…and seems to be an ancestor of Nidalru

Ok, that’s Deep Keep… Now, the Ossuary:

  • You went to the Ossuary for multiple reasons:
    • To find the chapel that Idris dreamed of, which you suppose contains the “soul of a hero,” an ingredient for the Stone Thief weapon you hope to craft.
    • You also went hoping to find out if the Flesh Tailor was telling the truth about knowing the location of the Provost‘s wife, who was when his keep was initially swallowed.
  • On the way to the Ossuary, you found a chapel that was bizarrely between both the worlds of the dead and the living: using a ritual, you summoned a spirit of one who ad died in a Stone Thief attack, and found out that the last ingredient for the weapon was “An Abyssal Whisper.”
  • The spirit also mentioned the witch Pheig, as someone in the Stone Thief who knew a great deal about what was going on…including the activities of the Cult of the Devourer.
  • Now, you got swallowed by the Stone Thief when you were battling the demon lord Nuzbok, wielding the glaive Pain of Many Worlds, which has dimensional properties.
  • Nuzbok got swallowed with you…which means it stands to reason that he’s in here somewhere
  • The Everburning Coal is also in here somewhere… and is a necessary ingredient to making the weapon
  • Speaking of necessary ingredients for things, the Custodians mentioned that they knew someone(s) was hunting for the Eyes of the Stone Thief. The Witch of Marblehall’s initial attempt to bind the Thief failed…would it fail again if the she had one of the Thief’s eyes?

Speaking of Marblehall

  • the Butcher dismissed her, saying “Wall her up and let her starve. She’s not a denizen. She can die here.” They’re drawing a distinction between creatures in the Stone Thief that have effectively become a part of her, and others that are merely along for the ride, so to speak. So, the Stoneborn Orcs that you saw definitely qualify as denizens…who else?
  • Remember finally that you also carry some Earthspears; they serve to delay the submergence of the Stone Thief
Author: Turnerbuds